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legal advice in wisconsin?

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when i divorced my husband we had two boys & the shared custody was decided with the divorce.  since then, we reconciled just long enough to have a daughter.  we are going to court on the 15th, and i was hoping to ask for full custody on the grounds that she is still actively breastfeeding.  she is only 6 months old & she sleeps with me & nurses throughout the night.  is there any research or anything that i can present if necessary to show that this is the best route until she is old enough to go the night without breastfeeding?  i do not know how friendly my ex is going to be about this.  our relationship is not very amicable right now, unfortunately.  i am afraid to bring it up to him.  he has expressed that he wants me to pump so that he can feed her with a bottle.  does anyone have any advice or experience with this kind of thing?

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Just came across this thread, too late to offer any advice but I am wondering how things went for you.

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Yeah, what happened?


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