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Food intolerance and sleep issues - x posted in nighttime parenting

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DD has always had sleep issues - when she was younger it would take on average 45 minutes to get her to sleep.


She is now 3 and is back in our bed after we unsuccessfully tried to get her in her own bed.  She sleeps through the night most of the time now (for the first time in her life) but when she does wake up, it takes her 1-2 hours or more to fall back asleep.  She doesn't cry or ask to play or anything, she just tosses and turns in bed for up to three hours.  It's like she has a hard time physically settling into sleep. 


Lately she has also been waking up very early.  For the past 7 nights, she has only gotten 10 hours of sleep each night.  She gave up naps about a year ago and when she does nap it just makes things worse because she is up very late and will end up with less total sleep.  She has always needed less sleep than the "books" say but 10 hours doesn't seem like enough for a 3 year old.


I now have a one month old ds and DH works night shifts so I'm alone with the two kids, and I am VERY sleep deprived.


I've heard there can be a link between sleep issues and food intolerances - DD used to get hives when she ate dairy, but outgrew that around age 2.  I am considering giving up dairy for a few weeks to see.


Has anyone heard of this?  DD LOVES milk, cheese, butter, etc so giving up dairy will be a battle, and she is more sensitive that usual because of her new brother.  I would also have to give up dairy because she still nurses, and I will have a hard time giving mup my morning cup of chai (with milk).  I'm not sure I'm up for the battle unless I have hope it will work - I would do almost anything at this point for her to sleep well!

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If she doesn't have any other issues (GI or skin or things like that) I would not at all think intolerances.  If there were other issues, maybe but sleep issues alone wouldn't lead me to food issues.  


A new baby in the house, moving back in with Mom and Dad, lots of changes.  Sounds like there are plenty of other things that could be causing it over food. 


Good luck.  It's so hard with little sleep :(  Hang in there.

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I would agree with the pp.  Maybe some other things that you could look into would be... do you drink caffiene of any kind???  Some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to this and if you do say have some, it could affect your child way differently than it affects you.


Also, have you thought about chiropractic?  I know that the chiropractic adjustments I get always, always, always help me sleep better... my dd too.  She even said so the other day, she is 7.


Good Luck,


Oh, and maybe you could try just giving up milk (if you are really thinking it could be diary) and leave the easier to digest yogurt and cheese in your diet.  Chia is good with almond, soy or coconut milk... really!.  It just takes a week or so to get used to the change.


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