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Advice on possible dairy allergy?

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Last year I was having some weird health issues and decided to go off of dairy since my mother is allergic to dairy, it seemed to help slightly and I have stayed off of dairy until recently. I am currently very pregnant and have been craving yogurt in a big way, so decided to try some milk products and see what happens. I feel fine with yogurt, kefir and butter but I might have had a reaction to cheese (sore in corner of mouth) We don't have money for allergies testing now, it it possible that some types of dairy aren't an issue?


I have been taking supplemental calcium and probiotics, and I know for certain I am allergic to wheat and chocolate, I'm not interested in having a diet heavy in dairy products but would love to be able to use yogurt and good butter without worrying. I did see a nutritionist last year who felt I was fine with dairy, but it was the first thing I tried eliminating since my mom is so allergic to it. I am having a hard time nourishing myself and baby on a restricted diet.


Any advice would be appreciated!

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That actually makes some sense.  The yogurt and kefir are both cultured so they are easier to digest and butter has little lactose or protein.  Just watch carefully for reactions (even a few days after consuming).  Reaction trumps testing in my opinion. 

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What other symptoms do you have besides a sore?  GI troubles?  Any mouth sensations like prickles are tingles or hotness?


I ask because it sound likely that you have an intolerance, and that wouldn't show up on a typical allergy test.  Some LI people actually do produce some of the enzyme necessary to digest lactose, but not enough for the modern diet.  Yogurt, etc, have less lactose and you can eat these normally without symptoms, though I imagine that if you really indulged you would still have some troubles.


Intolerance or allergy though, you don't necessarily *need* an allergy test unless you need medication prescribed.  That's not to say it's not useful.  I ended up having loads of allergies to foods, with minor symptoms that I just brushed off as normal.  Once I eliminated the foods, or figured out how much I could fudge with, I felt a billion times better, not realizing just how crappy I felt!  


So, if your mom still had some food allergies as an adult, if you know you have some and suspect others, it can be helpful to give testing a try.  The tests are priced somewhat according to how many foods you are looking for.  You can test *just* for wheat and dairy and take the pragmatic view, or you can cast a wide net with more tests like I did.


Or you can just deal with this at home.  Allergy or not, if it makes you feel bad in any way then reduce or eliminate it.

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SweetSilver, no other symptoms besides mouth sore, and that was only with cheese. I haven't had any noticeable reaction to butter or yogurt. Being tested would be nice since I would know for certain, I will look into that, thanks.


CoBabyMaker- In your opinion if I haven't had a reaction, would it be "Safe" to continue consuming in small amounts?

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