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Searching for like-minded Medi-Share members

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I was surprised and disappointed to see that my Christian healthcare sharing organization (Christian Care
Medi-Share) considers circumcision as eligible for sharing as part of maternity

The organization doesn't share any cosmetic procedures, treatment for
self-inflicted injuries, or preventative care (mammograms, etc.). So even if
circumcision had a health benefit (I don't believe it does), it would be a "preventative" measure and
really doesn't fit with the nature of the program.

I have started to communicate with them a bit on trying to get it voted on by
the membership (because there are elections twice a year on policy changes). It
took me 3 e-mails to get a response, and then only "we have forwarded your
comments to the executive staff". My last 3 e-mails have not been responded to.

I am afraid that as just one person, I am being written off as an extremist. Or
perhaps they are just slow to answer, I do not know. Anyway, I would very much
like to find other Medi-Share members who would call/write in support of
dropping circumcision from the list of services eligible for sharing, and/or
give me support or feedback on what I am writing. Please message me if you are or know of a Medi-Share member that would team up with me here.


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I am unfamiliar w/ this program & googled it.  From what I read, you pay in & then that money goes to someone who has a medical bill?  So, in essence, you are paying for whatever the bill is for?  That means, if you pay in, you can be paying for someone's circ?  That alone would be enough for me to jump ship.  And, then is says you can pray for those to whom your money is going.  Very ironic to me. :-(


You don't say where you are.  Perhaps post in the FYT to see if there are others around you who do?  It says you can see who your money is going to; is there a message board or something you could post to regarding this concern?


Lastly, if they're ignoring your emails, I think a phone call is in order.


I'm very glad you are looking into this.  Not being a member of it, I don't believe I could do much.  I hope you are able to stop this from continuing.  


Best wishes,




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I just got a response from the top guy that they are not going to put it on the ballot.


The other 2 main organizations of this type (Samaritan Ministries and Christian Healthcare Ministries) have a similar setup, so a simple switch of organizations wouldn't help me.

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It's a nation-wide organization.

I'd rather not post directly on their Facebook wall or website prayer stream at this time, although I have been attempting to contact other members directly when I can find contact info.

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The Steering Committee decided not to bring the matter to the members for a vote.

Breast reconstruction surgery after cancer and circumcision of an non-consenting infant are radically different types of cosmetic procedures. One attempts to restore, one attempts to remove functional tissue. One is on a consenting adult, one is on a non-consenting infant. One is on an anesthetized individual, one is on an infant too small to safely be put under general anesthesia (a painful shot or numbing cream, neither of which are very effective, are sometimes used).

Hopefully continued awareness of this issue in society will bring increased complaints about this unjust financing of genital cutting and MediShare can re-evaluate their position in a few years.


Still looking for like-minded members to help bring a change in this organization or the others mentioned (Samaritan Ministries or CHristian Healthcare Ministries).


A new Catholic organization called Solidarity Healthshare is being formed and I urge any Christian (especially Catholic but you don't have to be) genital integrity activists to contact them and ask them to not involve themselves in financing genital cutting. https://www.facebook.com/solidarityhs  At my last contact, they had not made a policy on it yet, as they are just getting started.

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I have removed one post for being spam and removed a couple of other posts that are not in relationship to the forums purpose. 

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