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looking for an easy-rinse detergent

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I'm having a lot of problems with detergent build-up.  I've finally found a stripping method that works for us, but I don't want to have to do it every month or more! 


I'm pretty sure the problem is detergent build-up because when I stip, I boil the diapers and then rinse them in the washer and I have TONS of suds.  I use very little detergent when I wash and don't have apparent suds when I rinse.  I usually do 2 extra rinses (3 total).  I've been using Purex F and C liquid.  It's not long before my diapers start to stink like ammonia.  Then DD is likely to get a bad rash, so I strip again.


I have hard water very high in iron, but we have a softener and use iron-out salt.  Chemically, I'm not sure what that leaves us with.


I'd appreciate any suggestions that would keep me from having to strip so often. 


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We don't have build up issues and I use original powder HE Tide.  I use 1 TBL in my front loader and put vinegar in every rinse.  Not sure if that helps or not, but might be something to try.

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I have hard water and haven't had any build-up problems using Nellie's Laundry Soda. I use just half a scoop for a large load. Before I switched to clean-rinsing detergent I stripped my washer by running several hot cycles with a cup or so of vinegar.

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We have the same problem (well water).  I was starting to get turned off of CDing.  I'll have to look into Nellie's!

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