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Flats & Prefolds

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Can someone list the pros and cons of flats to prefolds. I seriously can't find any  and my 7 month old needs new diapers. We normally use prefolds but flats look intriguing.


ETA: What brand of hemp inserts would you recommend for nighttime use?

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Flats vs prefolds.It's all preference, I use flats because they get nice and clean and dry quickly. Our cloths line only gets a few hours of sun, and line drying is important to me. Given different circumstances I would likely be using something else. My LO is due in the summer so her needs will be changing with the season. What was good in summer needs to be tweeked for the winter. I find the folds easy to remember and it comes naturally to me.http://www.diaperpincorner.com/2007/02/the-art-of-diapering-diaper-folding-techniques/  but everyone is different.


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I like my flats over my prefolds for just using as a diaper.  I like the different folds, I can get a nice, secure fit.  With prefolds, I mostly just trifold and lay in a cover or else stuff another diaper.  I LOVE that I added flats to my collection because they are so useful.  Flats in the diaper bag can be used as: diapers, bibs, blankets, changing pads, nursing covers, etc...   I love how quick and easy they wash and dry.  I used them with pins, I get the dritz brand pins as fabric stores and then store them in a bar of soap to help them slide in easily. 

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Can you fold flats like prefolds or do you have to do special folds? looking up flats, i only see one type of fold. I would *assume* you could do others but beings as they are so big I'm wondering how folding goes. :)


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I believe you can, I haven't done it though.  I mostly just did the origami fold.

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Flats look interesting to me too, but intimidating! I love my prefolds.

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