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'Easier' Morning Sickness than a previous pregnancy

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I know that all pregnancies are said to be different, but I'm a little surprised to find that the morning sickness I'm experiencing this go around is so vastly different from what memory I have of my son's pregnancy...and even what I experienced with my last miscarriage. 


I thought it started just like the others...constant nausea, complete repulsion from just about all foods, ect... but NOW, it's like...surprisingly bearable. (I'm guessing that I've just hit 8 weeks)


I have this weird hair-trigger gag reflex that comes out of nowhere a few times every morning and the same in the evening...but it's just that...a bit of a dry heave gag, and then the feeling is completely gone. I have a bit of nausea...but I'm actually finding that it's more the food repulsions that are getting me...


I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not easy easy or anything. lol. I'd describe it as feeling like crap if I didn't have memories of occasionally throwing up last pregnancy...or swallowing down that sudden vomit feeling...or just feeling somehow WORSE. It almost makes me worried except that this morning I was able to feel my fundus for the first time...putting my dates about where I expected. 


Could this be due to having an opposite sex from my previous? Anyone else experienced this in the past...was it true that the sex of your children were different?



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I have no idea but that's an interesting thought! Since you're a more experienced mama this time, are you doing anything differently like eating crackers before getting out of bed, or eating differently in general?


All I know is that for me, this pregnancy so far feels very much the same as when I was carrying my DS. Exhausted, constant nausea, repulsed by many foods (especially pork), etc. These symptoms eased up mostly by the end of that first tri, so wishing for the same. I really cannot stand that feeling day and night and I've resorted to buying some seabands and ginger anti-nausea gum from Amazon (which is absurdly expensive, but I actually find the gum does help).


I had an early m/c last fall (at about 7-8 weeks), and it was weird...I never felt nausea/tired.

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The nausea's been better for me this time around too.  I don't really have waves of nausea and vomiting like I did last time, I just feel slightly icky when I get too hungry.  I haven't even wanted to throw up yet.  I'm chalking it up mostly to knowing that I have to eat all the time (took me a while to figure that out last time) and the fact that I'm closer to home these days, instead of spending the bulk of my day nearly 50 miles from my house.  It's a lot easier to eat at home than it is to pack enough food for a 12 hour day away from home. 

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I have 2 boys so far...and both my pregnancy symptoms were vastly different. I attribute that to more stress the second time around. This time i feel a lot better!
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very interesting. I think this go around the only thing I'm doing differently, is actually eating more...even forcing it at times...which is helping. But I'm still wondering ;-)


With my miscarriage, I did feel that the M.S. was the same or worse as what I experienced with my son. 

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Each one has been different.

1st pregnancy- no symptoms but positive test, missed miscarriage

2nd- horrible morning sickness, threw up 10-12 days from weeks 4-9, then it went down to 8-10 from week 9ish until 20 then 1-2 times/day rest of the pregnancy. Oldest DD, twin that stopped growing at 8 weeks

3rd- no symptoms, miscarriage around 7 weeks

4th- slight nausea, only threw up 5-10 times. DD2

5th- threw up 5-7 times per day for the first trimester then had slight nausea for the rest of the pregnancy, DS

6th (this one) Ive been sick to my stomach since before the positive test but have only thrown up maybe 1-2 times a day. If the nausea wasn't so bad Id be able to almost function. Yet to see whether this is going to be a boy or girl but  I'm getting some strong girl vibes.

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Worse this time. I don't really remember feeling this nauseated last time(s). It could just be because I'm older and more sensitive. 

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I agree with the PP. My morning sickness is way worse this time around! It could be because I'm constantly chasing around and entertaining my 2 year old now and last time, I could just lay in bed. I'm hoping it goes away when I hit the second trimester because I can barely eat! Everything I smell triggers a gag reflex! crap.gif

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