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LOTS of questions about the Blacksburg/Radford, VA area :)

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Hello all! My family is currently living in New Zealand, but we'll be moving back to the US in the next few months. My husband is interviewing for a position in the Blacksburg/Radford area, and so far it's looking very promising on both ends. So, in prep for possibly/probably moving there in a few months, I have a TON of questions! Any help is appreciated!


1) Are there any homeschool groups in that area? We are a Messianic family, so would probably lean towards a Christian based group, but I'd rather have an active inclusive group than a Christian one with nothing going on. :)


2) Any non-vax friendly peds in that area?


3) Recs for a homebirth midwife? I'm 16 weeks now, and unfortunately, I'll probably be mid 20s or later before we know for sure whether we will have the position or not. I know that's super late in the game to find a homebirth midwife, but I'm hopful! If it matters, my first two were born in a FSBC in NC, and my last was a homebirth. I'm a doula and LLL Leader myself, so I'm a very easy client!


4) Any recs for a pediatric endocrinologist? Our middle son will need one asap for his growth hormone deficiency.


5) Anything else an AP mama should know about the area? Local farms with raw milk/meat/CSAs I should check out? Any AP playgroups or whatnot?


Thank you in advance!

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I missed this when it was posted. I'm in Blacksburg. I'll just post some links that may be helpful,  and you can ask any questions, or pm me.

Local yahoo groups:





New River Valley:


Farmer's market:


Natural foods stores in Blacksburg:











I'm sure that there are lots of other links that I could post, but can't think of rignt now.






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I have had a horrible time finding non-vax friendly docs - I go to Academic Peds and see Hope Tobey.  She is understanding and nice about it but does try to talk you about them, you will just have to sign a form stating you decline.  I left NRV Peds crying once because the doctor told me I was a bad parent.  I am actually shocked that this area doesn't have a practice that is more understanding.  


Good luck!

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Yeah! I recommend Dr. Bradford for selective vax or whatever because she really respects a parents choices. Second choice would be Dr. Badillo. As for midwives: Wanda Smith and Crystal Mussleman are the best for homebirths. They have an awesome Moms group that meets once a month too and lots of "crunchy" moms from the area go. My hubby wasn't comfortable with not having oxygen available for a homebirth so we used Hannah Mann. She is awesome too and she's a christian which can help when you are in labor and losing faith! I had complications though and had to go to the hospital. If you have to go to the hospital I totally recommend NRV in Radford and the awesome staff and lactation consultants there. Also Sherri Doss is the midwife at the hospital and her team is excellent! I'm not a fan of Dr. Swaim. Jannessa would be my second choice for a hospital birth. Roberts 3rd. I had very serious complications so I got to meet everybody. These are just my opinions but among people with similar values (natural parenting and living) most of them say the same thing.

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