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YIKES! pregnant with 9 month old, what to expect??

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It took us 4 years of heart ache and finally many rounds of IUI to get pregnant with ds.  He is now only 9 months old, and I've just found out I'm pregnant!  I knew it was possible, but didn't really think it was possible.  I'm still in a bit of shock. What I'm mostly feeling is guilty that this is too soon for ds.  


It is such a strange experience to get pregnant without intention after spending years trying the first time. I really don't want ds to wean.  He now nurses every 4 hours during the day and often every 2 hours at night.  I've read the info available on kellymom.  I guess I'm just looking for some advice, anecdotes, reassurances from others who have managed to maintain bfing while pregnant and beyond.  Reading suggestions?



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I was brestfeeding a 2.5 year old when I got pregnant. My supply dropped around 6 months and he had his first asthma attack and it was very bad. He was in the ICU at a major childrens hospital and nursed enough that I had a lot of milk again. They thought he would have to stay 3 weeks and we went home in less than a week. He continued to nurse along with his baby brother and weaned on his 6th birthday. His allergies and asthma were so bad he needed to breastfeed. Both of my other children had their first asthma attack when they weaned.


Some women can maintain a supply while breastfeeding. It's common for supply to drop a lot around 6 months. That may be after your baby is over 12 months. It would be great if you could have 32 oz a day up to 12 months. There is no perfect way to tell how much your baby is getting. Weighing your baby before and after feeding isn't perfect but it may be the best you could do if you wanted to make sure your baby is getting enough. It is important for brain development that babies get that much. Once your baby is 12 months it isn't supposed to matter if your baby gets breastmilk. If you want you can continue to breastfeed and tandem nurse. Some mothers love it, some put up with it, and some don't like it much but do it because they think it is best for their child.


If your baby isn't getting 32 oz then he should get milk from another mother or formula, not goat's milk or cow's milk. Once your baby reaches 12 months he doesn't need to drink cow's milk. He only needs 2 toddler servings (according to the government) of milk and most toddlers like foods with milk in them like cheese, yogurt, and foods with cheese in them.


Congrats on the new baby! Sometimes stuff happens and we have to do the best we can do.

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32 oz?? I'm almost positive that he is not getting 32 oz and hasn't been for a long while.  I've noticed that I'm already pumping less at work. I work 2 days per week and usually only get 10-12 oz during a full work day.  He nurses so much at night, I figured he made up for it.  Today I only pumped 8 oz.  I tried supplementing him at 9 months because he was falling off his weight curve, down to 4th%.  He would have none of it.  He is still only in 10th% at 9 months but very healthy, happy, meeting milestones.  I will be 4 months along by the time he is a year old.  I'm torn about starting to supplement now because I don't want him to nurse less, but I also think I might need to start now to get him used to it in case my supply drops too much before his first birthday...I guess if he is hungry enough he will take the formula?  He gagged when I gave it to him 3 months ago.  


Anyone have experience getting a gagger to learn to love formula?  Should I mix it with bm?  I hate the thought of wasting bm if he won't take it.  

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I am pg with a early surprise pregnancy as well, and I am doing everything I can do keep my milk supply up. Drinking tons of mothers milk tea (okay'd by both my midwife and homeopath), taking More Milk Two I think it's called when I can remember, and trying to eat and drink as much as I can. My midwife also recommended fenugreek capsules even but I am trying to hold out on that. Good luck! I know how bittersweet it is.

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I was unable to maintain a supply while pregnant.  My ds2 was 10 months old when I found out I was pregnant with ds3 and I barely got him to 12 months.  My supply was so low at that point that, when I took a small solo vacation, I had no leaking or engorgement at.all.  And he was getting really frustrated at the breast (which is why we ultimately chose to wean him, he was really unhappy).


I know that is probably not what you wanted to hear. :(


Just keep an eye on the diapers.  That was our first clue that we had to start supplementing ds2, he was not wetting nearly enough.  He was so close to a year, and we have no dairy issues in the family, that we went straight to sippy cups with cows milk or water.

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Thanks, mamas. Yeah the supply is going downhill faster than I thought. Ds still wants to nurse often, but he's not getting much. He's upped his solids and water intake. I have tried formula with him several times with no luck. Today I used a different brand, not interested. Then I put tried giving it to him very cold and he actually took a few sips. Hopefully he will take what he needs when he needs it. And hopefully I will be able to keep at least a little milk going!
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Different perspective: It might be worthwhile to keep nursing even if he's not getting much. I nursed my 2.1-2.9 year old through pregnancy, and through having a preemie stuck in the NICU for 7 weeks. Thanks to her (in addition to pumping a lot) I was able to keep my supply up well enough through having a hospitalized newborn that I could EBF within 4 days of bringing him home. If you have any sort of pregnancy complications which might lead to an early delivery, having a nursing toddler could be a good thing. Otherwise, tandem nursing is kind of exhausting IMO!


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aikigypsy, I'm pretty sure the hormones had a little something to do with it, but that story made me blubber.  How wonderful!  Thanks so much for sharing!

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