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Keeping EBF poo inside of my prefolds?

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I've tried a variety of folding methods, but I can't seem to keep the EBF poo off my covers! I've tried tri-folding them and laying them in the cover, newspaper fold, bikini twist, and jellyroll (last three done with a snappi). It happens on all of the covers and we have a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, Thirsties Duo Wrap, WAHM fleece cover, WAHM upcycled wool longies (two pairs), and a WAHM knitted wool soaker. We use GMD prefolds in periwinkle (discontinued) that are the same length as smalls, but thinner.


DD2 is 6 weeks old and 12 lbs 1 oz as of Friday. DD1 pooped multiple times throughout the day, but DD2 seems to just poop a TON once or twice a day. I'm beginning to wonder if it's just going to be impossible to contain because it's so much at once!





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I'm chiming in because I have the same problem. DS poops every few days and they are huge messes and get all over the covers....would love some advice on this too!

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Where are the leaks? Legs? Back?


My midwife showed me a little trick that helped keep things in... we bikini folded with a snappi and then folded/tucked the edges around the legs inward. Hope that helps!

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Legs mostly. Do you mean the bikini twist or something else? 

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Gee, I'd be tempted to ditch the wool (at least for daytime) and just use your other covers so it's not such a big deal if they get a little poo on them.  I figure with a huge poo, getting some on the cover is just par for the course.  As long as it's not on the baby's clothes.


That said, have you tried the angel wing fold (with snappi)?  You can adjust the angle of the wings to make a perfect poo pocket.  But if the poo is extra huge sometimes it still gets on the cover - happens once every few days for us.  I just chuck the cover in the wet bag with the diaper, no biggie.

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The angel wing fold/snappi has been the best for us right from the start. I also used my Thirsties covers when the poops were that big and messy and only used wool at night and then during the day when she got a little older. I had a few extra covers too because we seemed to go through them very fast!
For the wool that got poop just on the edges, though, I would spot clean them so that I didn't have to wash the whole cover and wait so long for it to dry. I don't know what you use but eucalan works great for me.
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I like the idea of using wool at night. My biggest concern with using PUL covers is how red she gets a night. I wish she pooped more predictably and then I could do the day too. 


How do you spot clean the wool? 

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It may be that volume-wise it's just not going to be possible to contain it all.  However, I have found that there's a bit of a trick to keeping it from coming out around the legs.  Particularly with the jelly roll fold, which is the only one I use anymore.  Once you get your rolls made, slide them up into the crease between thigh and crotch, and use that Snappi to get it on good and snug so there are no gaps, even with wiggling.  I will often have to Snappi the dipe twice in order to get it properly snug.  The slightest bit of gap offers a highway for poo to squirt out of when it's under pressure.  If that doesn't work, then it may just be time to resign yourself to more laundry until baby is a little older, and I'd leave off the wool for a while.


I will say though that something I used for night-time in conjunction with PFs and wool when my DS was little, was a Disana Tie nappy.  A trifolded or angel-wing folded PF inside, no snappi, the Disana tied on, and then a wool cover.  It contained every drop of poo because it hugs the thighs.  There is a learning curve for the Disanas, but I loved them, and they're not usually all that difficult to find used, because so many people don't like them. 

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Another vote for angel wing, snugly snappied. The only leaks I've had with it are a tiny bit up the back. We use exclusively wool, and if a tiny bit of poop gets ona cover, I rinse the spot under running water while brushing gently with a washcloth, then rub on a little Eucalan, rinse slightly, and press water out with a towel.
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I have no help except to say that I tried & tried & tried with ds to get it right & finally gave up. I haven't even tried with dd. It's much less stressful for me to just accept that poop means all over the cover too. I just got more covers so I wouldn't run out so fast.

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I did the following things:


1) Got more covers;

2) Went the next size up in prefolds way before the weight recommendation. More diaper = more poop volume containment.

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