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I can only answer that I use Nori for making sushi, or for toasting and just eating plain, and we now use kelp noodles (just tried last night but I had bought a case), and loved them!  Well, 5 out of 6 of us did.  I use these items to help get trace minerals into us.  Also, the kelp noodles are great for people on a grain free diet.  That's why I bought 'em.

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I bought them online at http://www.kelpnoodles.com/products_seatangle_noodles.html


To prepare is super, super easy.  Just pull them out of the package and rinse and serve.  I served them like glass noodles (that's what they look like) w/Thai green curry.  They have a very interesting texture.  They *seem* like they would be chewy, but they aren't.  They are crunchy! 

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Has anyone seen info on contamination from the Japanese nuke plants?

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Kombu and kelp are the same thing.   I am not sure what dulce is, the others are just names for various types of seaweed. They do contain trace minerals in them.  I live in Japan and can find most fresh or dried.  Personally I am not eating wakame from the region, this is based on just my feeling, and not on articles I have read. I have heard this years harvest will be safer than future years.  I do have dried wakame I am using. 


I basically only use them in Japanese style cooking, I have seen recipes that are more fusion and some of them just seem strange to me. Hijiki is less sea weedy in taste than some of the others and I have put it in chicken burgers. 


There is so much conflicting information on the nuclear situation here. I don't have any links.


Korean nori is excellent for just snacking on, it is flavored with sesame oil and salt, we eat it like chips.


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