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VBAC Chicago North Shore area?

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I had a horrible birth experience with Drs Dillon, Ashby, and Shaw of Skokie, and at Evanston Hospital.

My OB is a large practice where I had to rotate between the doctors during my pregnancy.

I was scheduled for induction 9 days after my due date, and labored 30 some hours with very little dilation.

The epidural worked on half of my body, and the induction began with an internal pump being inserted.

It was discovered that my water broke at some point, there was meconium in the water, and I ended up spiking a fever.

After birth, I didn't see my son for over 4 hours (he needed an IV antibiotic, and I needed to recover from my c-section).

I am interested in finding a VBAC friendly doctor/practice, or even possibly a midwife. Not sure if I feel comfortable delivering with a practice without a doctor, but I am open to it.

I really don't want a repeat of my first birth experience, and would like to meet with possible OB's before I get pregnant with #2.


Thank you!

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You have a higher chance of getting a VBAC with the midwife groups in your area. The thing with hospital based midwives is there is always an OB in the hospital if an emergency arises that they can't handle, but at the same time their scope of practice is much more natural and very supportive of VBACs I would recommend the midwives out of Swedish Covenant who have a very low c/s rate and a VERY high VBAC rate. I was recently at a VBAC with them where the mom changed her mind and wanted a repeat cs and they really tried to talk her out of it stating how much safer VBAC is for mom and baby. Their info is http://swedishcovenant.org/medical-services/midwifery/team-clinicians


Also the midwives out of Evanston are very good as well 847.475.1224 the midwives are Gaye and Debbie. I would join the Chicago ICAN yahoo group and hear experiences from other moms http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ICANofChicago/






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