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Are these diapers worn out?

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We were lucky enough to get a stash of a friend's Motherease diaper with a variety of different covers. Their daughter used these for 3 years and then my first daughter got them 6 years ago. My second child is 2.5. So out of the last 9 years these have been in constant use except for about 9 months between my girls. I'm expecting a third child in May.


Lately they don't seem up to the task esp. at night. It could just be that DD2 has a bigger bladder than the two girls before her. 


My wash routine is to put them through on one cycle on cold with All Free and Clear detergent and some vinegar. In the second wash they go in on hot with the same detergent but some baking soda. Every once in a while a wet diaper will go in with my regular whites which means it gets exposed to fabric softner but I don't think this happens often enough to be a systemic problem. I've had this routine pretty much since I started with these diapers so I don't think that the results would suddenly change now. 


A few of the diapers are newer than the others but I can't tell them apart anymore. It could be the covers. Many are bummis whisper wraps that have been around since the beginning. I suppose the failure could be there and I was planning to replace some of them anyway. Would replacing just the liners help?  


Just one more kid. I need these to get through one more kid. LOL


Any suggestions?

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I think having an older daughter pee in them now, could be part of the problem.   My daughter just turned 2 and she will soak through and leak out of diapers a lot easier now than before.  I do think it could be the covers too though, it doesn't seem like those would hold up as well.  I feel like cotton diapers really shouldn't lose much absorbancy, unless they are actually thinning and falling apart.

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The diapers seem like they are in good shape. There is hardly any lint in the trap when I wash them. 


I'm starting to suspect that it is my kiddo. We tried out disposables for a few days and she's blowing through them. I think it is time to do a bit more potty training.

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