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Flying international, 22-25w, WWYD?

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So far my pregnancy has been going fine- no complications or problems. I am suppose to fly international next month. Currently I am 18-19w with my twins.


The first leg of my flight is 10 hours, I will be traveling with DH/DS. We will then stay at that point for 10 days.


The second leg of my flight will be 7-8 hours but I will travel alone, this will be after 10 days of 'rest'. I will stay at that point for 8 days (will be with family and friends and it will be a very relaxing time 'alone' as my DH/DS will not be traveling with me).


The third leg of my flight will be my return travels it will be 17 hours (with 2 layovers between flights), I will be traveling alone and plan to check ALL my luggage. I will be 25w pregnant at this point.


Would you feel comfortable doing this trip at 22-25w pregnant? Especially if you frequently traveled prior to the twin pregnancy? I am trying to gauge how realistic of an idea it is. My OB feels it would be fine.



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If you feel ok, then you should be fine. Swelling may be in issue. Get up frequently on the plane and stretch out. Drink a ton of water. Don't do any heavy lifting or carrying. I'd have contacts in each place for a hospital. It sounds like the visits will be very relaxing. I just did an 11-hour car trip to visit family, and was surprised how great I felt with others to care for my DS (11 months).


I honestly would not consider this just due to my general fatigue and how exhausting air travel is...but if you have it booked, do it.




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I agree. There is NO way I could do this flight with my toddler in tow.


The long leg of the whole trip (17 hours) I will be doing totally alone. With previous air flights, solo vs toddler travel are very different experiences (and also very exhausting).


When I fly alone I tend to sleep the entire flight- with DS in tow I never get to sit/eat or pee alone.


The whole trip is booked using miles, so it would be very easy for me to cancel without penalty or cost if I need to do so. I plan to play it by ear and if I have any complications prior will not go..



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Lots of water. And very comfortable clothes. And you may need a new wardrobe to come back in. :)

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rinap-yes, the growth has been amazing from 20 to 25 weeks!

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