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Hair color?

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So I'm extra annoyed at my boss right now because I was going to go get a hair cut and color on Friday but was forced to work overtime instead. I would go this coming Saturday, but got my positive result last night :P


It's been over 3 months since my last appointment, so it's bad! I've heard you shouldn't use hair color especially in the first trimester, but 6 months with my gray roots..... What are my options? I'm fine with temporary color, ammonia free, whatever as long as it blends everything together better!  As long as it's not henna, I have used it in the past, but don't wish to do so again because you can't bleach it out later. (if I had lighter natural color I'd still be using it! It's great stuff!!)\


Is it the fumes or having it on your skin that's more dangerous? Should I avoid the salon entirely or can I go for a quick haircut at least?


Thanks! I'm really not very vain usually, but like I said, the situation is bad right now because I procrastinated too long.

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Hmmm, not BTDT since I don't go to salons often but I've heard the fumes in the place are what you should avoid. I'd look into natural ways to color your hair. Hope someone else can give you better info!

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It's safe to dye your hair during pregnancy. That myth is outdated by about 50 years.

Go get your roots touched up!

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I color my hair regularly and the thing I learned is that the hormones can change the way your hair grabs the color. So it may not last as much or it may last longer than expected. I plan on coloring my hair the entire pregnancy.


Mothering › Groups › November 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › Hair color?