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Uses for protein powder besides smoothies (vegan)?

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I am needing some concentrated sources of protein since being pregnant, gaining a little too much weight (my midwife blames the carbs), and going mostly soy-free.  For this reason, I bought a container of brown rice protein powder, even though I hate smoothies.  I found this recipe for homemade Clif bars that I'm going to try:



I figured I could start with these, and then look for more (vegan) recipes.  I like the idea of the powder because I can use it in recipes that will satisfy my sweet craving, while providing post-exercise protein.  (I've started taking a prenatal fitness class.)  I know there are other sources of protein, and we eat those, too, but for now, I am mostly looking for ways to finish the container of protein powder.

Any ideas?

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My oldest daughter is allergic to milk and eggs so I do a lot of vegan baking. The biggest challenge to not using eggs is introducing enough protein in the batter to sustain the loft of whatever levening you use. I have at times used protein powder to help with this. I use about a tablespoon per egg of protein powder (and 3 tablespoon of applesauce).


Still, that huge container seemed to last forever. LOL

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Interesting!  I would love to be able to take just any old recipe and use protein powder + applesauce instead of egg.  Do you find that it works better in some types of baked goods than in others?

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P.S.  I just made the recipe I posted.  Good considering how very little fat and sugar, and how much protein, they contain.  Not as good as real gingerbread, of course.

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It depends on the recipe. An egg is about 1/4 cup or 4 Tablespoons. My standard was 1 T protein powder, 1 T oil (whatever I had or seemed to work with the recipe) and 2T applesauce (or liquid of some kind). If the recipe has oil/butter like substance in it elsewhere I'd leave that out of my egg replacer. For something like pancakes that don't need to rise much I'd use all applesauce. 



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This is really useful - thank you!

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I'm glad to have come across this thread! I'm not vegetarian but have an egg and milk allergic kid as well and I did know about the protein powder as egg replacement trick! Too cool! 

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Now, I posted because the OP wanted to know what to do with protein powder. I've described above what I used to do. I've found that using about 1/3 bread flour (which has gluten protein) and 2/3 regular all purpose flour works really well for giving my baking a little extra loft and strength. To replace eggs I use a combo of applesauce and oil depending on the recipe. I just bought some E-nerge egg replace but haven't used it much yet. 

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