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Now what are your babes up to?  Dylan is WAY more grabby now- he has really honed his aim and can reach out and grab exactly what he wants.  He pulls everything to his mouth, of course.  He is very interested in things that we use a lot- the phones, computer keyboard, food, cups, etc.  It is definitely hard to eat with him in my lap because he grabs the plate right away.  He is also pawing at people's faces, which is so cute!  He puts his hands on my cheeks and pulls my face to his (toward his mouth of course!)  I love it!  

He is rolling both ways, and scooting himself forward by putting his feet on the floor and straightening his legs so his bum is in the air.  He gets pretty far that way!

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We are into mostly grabby toys here- things with handles that can fit in the mouth, otherwise she gets frustrated.  She is just starting to play on her back and tummy, which is nice because I have spent the last 4 months wearing her.  So, no rolling yet- she goes side to side but not all the way over.  She is VERY social and loves to engage with strangers, so leaving the house is always nice (just not the rides in the car, when she screams like shes being murdered until I get her out of the carseat).

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J, Shay is acting just like Dylan except he scoots himself forward by getting up on hands and knees and plopping back down a quarter inch forward. It's slow going.

We play a lot of standing games, tossing games, I lay him on the bed or couch and bounce the surface under him while singing silly tunes.

Lots of raspberries on his tummy and neck.

He likes to grab our faces and give us big slobbery kisses (or eat us).

We play hide and seek with the big kids. They love to help him stand. And he loves to watch them run around. DD plays peek-a-boo with him and he laughs with her a lot. He just watches DS1 and gets excited when he catches his eye.

He spends some time in his jumper.

He sits on the floor and tries to eat his toys, too. He is sitting now, which is nice. Not totally rock solid, but he can generally balance himself with his torso when he starts to lean. He holds onto his toes and takes his socks off a lot.

He likes finger plays like the shark song and little bunny fufu. He also likes "this is how a lady rides." I don't know the proper names of any of them.

He does pretty well in the car.

He likes baby story time at the library, tho he cried once during circle time today and once when another baby reached for his face. I'm thinking he was tired.

He is a pretty fun guy at this point.
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We love "this is how a lady rides" in this house too!  Dylan likes to sit and stand as well- he is much more of a mover than his older brother was- probably because he is always watching his brother go, go, go.  He seems to get frustrated that he can't join in as much.   

I love this age- and I am excited because I think they just get more and more awesome.  I think the 4 month mark is really a big turning point as far as how interactive and playful they are.  So fun!

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Coralie is still one big chubby lump!  She's just 4mo, so she's a month + younger than some of the babies here.    She's getting better with her hands by the day and is really starting to get interested in the things I'm doing.  She also loves to be social, smiles are pretty much everyone and laughs hysterically all the time.  It's hard to believe that Olivine was sitting up at 4mo, because Coralie is still very floppy.  I'm not so sure that having older siblings actually motivates babies to move.  I think they're either movers or they aren't.  She did finally find her feet the other day, which is super cute.

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Sora is a silly baby. She never ceases to surprise me and show me something new she enjoys doing... The latest? She LOVES arching her back, hanging upside down and checking out the world that way, grabbing at anything around her. She'll do this on my lap for 20 minutes straight sometimes! twins.gif Here is a funny photo I snapped yesterday (she was chewing her lips and all wide-eyed, so silly...)




She moves from one thing to another pretty quickly. I see the wheels turning in her head when she's soaking in new things. I can tell she's going to be a restless, inquisitive child! She only cared much about rolling for a week, and then she seemed like it was a thing of the past like "been there, done that!" and didn't care so much after that. LOL. She still rolls while she's playing on her playmat but it's not as enthusiastically and frequently as when she first figured it out. (And thankfully no more accidental night rollings in the crib.) She likes to grab my hands and pull herself into a seated and then standing position. She doesn't enjoy sitting; she'd much rather go straight to standing. I have to try forcing her to sit sometimes now so she'll build up more of those muscles! She's still very floppy and can't sit unassisted without folding. She is grabbing at any and everything and bringing it to her mouth. She's got that one down to a science now. Her teething was bothering her yesterday and she eagerly grabbed DH's thumb from half a foot away and shoved it in her mouth to chew on. So cute.


I'm starting to have a daily playtime out on a picnic blanket in our yard on nice days. smile.gif She looked closely at grass for the first time this week and was so intrigued. She has so much fun outdoors. If she's fussy for any reason inside, it usually never fails that I can walk her out onto the front porch and she calms down instantly. Maybe she's like her mommy and enjoys the greenery and chirping birds. love.gif


Another fun thing we do all.the.time is have what we call a "dance party" in the living room. DH started this and says Saturdays are his dance party days with Sora. I just do it randomly throughout the week too. We turn on the Pop Hits channel on the TV and dance around the living room with the baby for a while, singing and being silly. It's one of her favorite things.


You all were so right... Babies do just start getting to be more and more fun the older they get, and it's the biggest thrill seeing them learn new stuff and take an interest in new things.

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My new favourite lullaby:



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Originally Posted by KayPea View Post

My new favourite lullaby:



Warning: Do not listen to this while gazing at your sleeping babe's sweet face. Worse than watching "Terms of Endearment" after one too many glasses of wine.
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Originally Posted by MrsKatie View Post

Warning: Do not listen to this while gazing at your sleeping babe's sweet face. Worse than watching "Terms of Endearment" after one too many glasses of wine.

No joke. mecry.gif


Sora LOVES the lullaby! Thanks, KayPealuxlove.gif

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No updates to this thread in awhile.. any new favorite toys? Right now I'm doing that thing where I'm going to amazon because there's one item that I *need* and I have some gc anyway, so I figure I'll order a few other things as long as amazon is filling  a box for me! So I got my needed item, indulging Allie in a book she's been wanting, and I figure I'll get a little something for each boy so its a fun box with goodies for everyone. So, whats something a 6 month old sitting up, crawling, active, grabby, curious little guy will find loads of fun? (I'm thinking under $20) 


Gosh, speaking of amazon.. why is it that I think of LOADS of general random "wants" that I don't need so I don't buy because I don't need to senselessly spend money, yet when I have amazon gc burning a hole in my account I can't think of any particular needs/wants to spend it on?! What gives. Its so hard to be selfish and pick something I WANT. 

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I've had a GC since November and nothing to want.


We play with:



dolls (the better to scratch and bite than brother),

stacking rings,


a doll house (likes to clear the rooms and chew on the dolls, they're like "little people" but mostly wood),

toys with beads that slide along wires (like at the doctor's office).  

I don't know about other kids, but Shay would love dog toys like a kong and a rope with knots at both ends.  Kid just chews on everything.


I'm looking for ideas for fingerplays.  He loves them, especially in the car and on the potty (he likes to stand up from the potty, because standing is what babies to best, so if I sing him a song with movement, he will sit still long enough to do his business).


So far I have:

Itsy bitsy spider

5 little monkeys jumping on the bed

5 little monkeys swinging from a tree

5 little ducks

where is thumbkin?

baby shark

little bunny fufu

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Trucks, balls (especially textured ones), stacking toys (Green Toys makes one that isn't too expensive).

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Luca's into puppets, especially ones that like to eat him up, RAHR!  We got a splash pad, and use that with the fountain on minimal, and also have a teensy baby pool.  He likes that a lot.  He likes the shape puzzles we have, though mostly for taking apart and chewing purposes.  He gets pretty annoyed when I put them back together.  Mostly, the boy loves being outside, eating dandelions and violets and grass.  That's probably his favorite thing ever.

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Anyone else's kid totally over toys?  I think once babies discover that there is a larger world full of THINGS TO CHEW out there, the same old "safe" stuff loses interest fast. I try rotating toys, but it doesn't work, he just totally turns up his nose at anything designed for babies. 


So I give him metal cups, plastic cups, lids, pouches with zippers, unused japanese scrub brushes, fabric with different textures, CD jewel cases, smaller stuff threaded on ribbon, and then things like paper and packaging when I'm around to keep it out of his mouth. 


Any other cool non-toy things to try giving to my baby?

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Its all about cat food over here rolleyes.gif We put a gate up blocking access to the kitchen, but leave it open... I get to him before it makes it to his mouth but I always have to pry it out of his fists. But yes, I feel your pain. Toys are uninteresting! 

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Sora still enjoys her toys a lot, but she definitely finds non-toy objects much more interesting! She loves paper and boxes... DH has a lot of packaging materials in his office, so he brings her in there sometimes when he's working and lets her play with it. Another of her favorite objects? The kleenex box... Girl goes crazy over that thing. LOL. She reaches for our phones, remote control, and laptop mouse all of the time but I'm trying to teach her "no" around those. She sure would love that remote control, though... She almost dove off of my lap a few times trying to reach it. I got this great idea from a picture I saw online once where a mom took an empty spice bottle and filled it with water so her kid could shake it and spray water out of the holes on the top. I just set aside an empty garlic powder bottle and I'm going to give it to Sora to play with! smile.gif I can think of a million things she likes more than her toys... diapers, plastic lids to bottles, hair ties... Oh how these babies are silly. I just bought some stacking cups for her, so she's enthralled with those for the time being.

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Shay is all about the siblings. Big and little. Whenever Soren makes noise Shay crawls over and pats his head.

I think he would love small things on ribbon.

He loves bottles with eye droppers.

Mostly he is all about standing and crawling around looking for dropped food.
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