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Thirsties Duo Wrap - Leaking problems

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Hi-- I'm new to cloth diapering (have been for about 3 weeks). We are using GMD prefolds with thirsties duo wrap and flip covers. I haven't had any trouble with the flip covers leaking as long as they are tight around the leg, but I get leaks all the time with the duo wrap. For some reason, I ended up with more thirsties than flips, so I really would like to fix this problem. I get less of a problem if I twist the prefolds when I place them in the duo, but not always. DS must be wide or something, because I can not pin a yellow prefold on his 11 lb. body. It just doesn't fit. Anybody have any ideas?

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We also used the GMD prefolds and had three types of covers:  thirsties duos, thirsties and bummis.  I noticed that the thirsties duos and bummis leaked more than the "normal" thirsties, for us...I decided it was because they were cut wider/shorter, if that makes any sense.  When we ordered larger sizes, we went to all thirsties.  (They still leak on especially explosive poops, but partially because DD doesn't like tight diapers so I leave 'em a little loose.)


The orange prefolds fit my DD till she was 11 lbs, and the yellows were good till ~15 lbs.  She's kind of long and skinny though, and we used Snappis instead of pins because she was so squirmy--I feel like you need less fabric room for a snappi than for a diaper pin.  Do you spread out the ends of the diapers on the front & back as far as they will go?  11 lbs seems kind of small for the yellows not to fit.

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