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I would love to have a professional photographer there this time. After two births, I really regret not having more photos of the most important experiences of my life! (Same with BFing--it's amazing, given how much time I've spent BFing, that there are almost no photos of it!) But it seems soooo expensive, from the very minimal research I've done greensad.gif  dh has said that he'll play photographer this time (I really don't need him much for direct support, so I'd love it if he would take some real photos), and I'm going to video the whole thing by setting up my MacBook nearby and just leaving it rolling once I'm in the pool.

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I would love to have a photographer at my birth so my husband and daughter can concentrate on enjoying the moment instead of worrying about getting pics/video. but unfortunately, my labors are too fast. Last one was 1.5 hrs. Midwife doesn't make it on time. No time for a photographer. 

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This one is one that the apprentice midwife had snapped with my camera  of our youngest's homebirth. I honestly do NOT remember her even taking this photo. It is one of my favorites and in my opinion really conveyed my emotions and the love and comfort I was getting from my husband.  


I cropped this one and obviously changed the color but this too is one of my favorite pics from here birth. 


I am sooooo looking forward to what the professional is going to get this go around...just thought I would share some of the "possibilities" of pics even when its just the assistant midiwife. 

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Wow!  Those are some awesome picture!  Thank you for sharing, Mom2a4Rashelle. 

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What beautiful pics from everyone who has posted them.  :)  It makes me happy seeing them.

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Your very welcome!

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I sooo wish that we could afford a photographer! These are all such beautiful pics, Altair your pics were amazing!

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Thanks.  :-)  I'm hoping she can come back for this one-- it will depend on if we are able to do a HB (won't know until last minute most likely) and if it's *not* on a weekend or right before-- she has a VERY busy summer wedding weekend schedule!  

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Altair, your pics are so amazing! Made me cry. You are a beautiful laboring woman, and your dp is extremely cute too wink1.gif
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This is a great thread.  I've thinking about having someone here just to photograph during the birth but then I feel overwhelmed, at what point is it too many people?

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I was really worried about that.  We lived in a 1BD apt and had midwife, dad, doula and photographer.  The photographer just stayed out of the way, she knew what she was doing!  She was an old friend of mine, so it didn't feel like a stranger was there, but at that point I really don't think I would have cared either way.  She took over 1,500 pictures, 600 we kept, so there was *quite* a lot of snapping, but as you can see in the pictures I was never once looking at or paying any mind to the camera!  It was such a gift to have these pictures after.  I will be so disappointed if she is at a wedding during my next labor.  


I wonder if all those people were comfortable for the 3 day ordeal...  we only really had a bed, couch, 2 kitchen chairs, and birth tub, and yet everyone always seemed safely out of my way!  

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