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15month old nursing challenges...

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I think my 15mth old is addicted to bobo... (that's what we call it :))  I mean I can't even carry him without him putting his hand down my shirt while he twirls my nipple...  And at night, we have gone from him sleeping with occasional comfort nursing to him needing to pacify like every 2 hours!  He even insists on pacifying while I change diapers and dress him after baths!  I know that he is teething (he's a late teether)  but...  I can feel myself getting frustrated...   greensad.gif


I know that I will let him self ween.. but at this rate that won't it be until he is 12!  Any advice?  Is this a phase? Am I making the bobo too accessible? 




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It all sounds like normal behavior to me. In western society, comfort nursing tends to be viewed as less important than nutritive nursing, but both are important and biologically normal.


My son did very much the same at 15 months of age. Now at 28 months he is not always intent on the after bath nursing and has stopped the diaper change feeds.


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thank you for your reply!  I have read the LLL books and they are helpful.. but there is nothing like talking to like-minded moms to know that we are very much normal and on the right track.  smile.gif

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You are very welcome smile.gif

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Yes, this sounds pretty normal.  I have to wear a bra in the tub or DS wants to nurse in the bath.  And if we're out and he is tired or just needs a "security check in" he likes to put his hands down my shirt and find a nipple to tug/pinch/tweak.  I think that comfort nursing is fine, but you need to be ok with what he's doing too and feel fine about drawing some boundaries if it is making you uncomfortable and could make you want to wean early (or just not enjoy your nursing relationship).

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