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Nursing school instructor is soooo hard on me I want to quit school so I never see her again!

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I am so stressed out from school I can not seem to be present when I am with my children. I swore I would quit school if it got too hard on my family. 


I have cried every day since Saturday when I had class.  I don't know how I am going to get through 4 more Clinical days with the meanest instructor. she really wants me to be perfect or she will give me an evaluation that will kick me out of the Nursing program.


I am so anxious I am tempted to try to get an anti anxiety med to use when I see this prof.



any encouragement...thoughts wisdom?

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Are there any higher ups you can approach with this issue?  Someone you can discuss it with so you have a chance to remediate any skills necessary?  If you have 4 more clinical days, it sounds like you still have time you could spend in a lab working on skills if that is something that will help you succeed.


I had a clinical instructor who actually failed me for a session, and it was for reasons I thought were exaggerated or completely bogus.  In our program, we were allowed one "fail" before being expelled, but this is still taken very seriously.  I had some issues with this instructor's "teaching methods", if you could call it that, and with her general attitude toward nursing.  I had planned to report her for certain things, and I think she suspected as much.  When she failed me, I felt it was a personal attack, but also a way to defend herself since by failing me she greatly reduced my credibility.  As the single failed student in her group, I was now reduced to the one with a motive for vengeance, rather than someone with a genuine concern about this instructor.


I went to our director of nursing, and worked out a plan with her and a lab instructor so I could improve certain skills.  This showed initiative on my part (which was a direct contradiction to this clinical instructor's assertion that I was unmotivated).  This move also put me on speaking terms with the DON since I had approached her for help.  At the end of the semester, I reported this particular clinical instructor anyway for everything I had originally planned.  I don't know if it made any difference, but I felt better about it.


Don't give up yet.  I know what you mean about it being hard on your family, but you don't know yet that you will fail.  If you choose to leave the program now, you may be throwing away an opportunity.

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thank you kythe for the incredible and encouraging response.   I it is not uncommon to run into a bully in these programs...and in the workplace.


I never thought in my life I would get in trouble at school.


It is heartbreaking to feel like I am doing my best to balance being a good student with work and family but more is required. Mine is a part time program for 3 years but to really feel successful in it I would have to drop work and spend less time with my children. 


I just want to get Bs  B minus is fine pass all clinical and labs.  That is my dream- while still paying my bills and seeing my family.


This is harder than I ever thought it would be.



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I'm a full time student (although not working at the same time, and not in a nursing program) but I do have a class with an instructor who has made me cry.  Up until a couple of days ago I managed to keep it together until I was at least out of the building and in my car, but Tuesday he really singled me out and I lost it during class. So, I kind of understand how discouraging it can feel! You will make it through and then look back and be so glad you did!


The balancing act is soooo so so hard!  Hugs, mama! You can do it! hug.gif

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I graduated with my RN a year ago this month. I know how hard nursing school is by itself, and I'm sorry you have such a nasty instructor!! I would try to talk to her one on one. Make an appt before or after the clinical day so she can focus on you and ask her exactly what it is that you need to improve upon. Make her be specific. Not general things, but specific skills. If you can pin her down to specifics, she may back down and not intimidate you so much, and also you can just focus on those things and feel less anxiety. I also agree with going to the director of nursing so that person can be an oversight to the clinical instructor if things get worse.


You may have to cut down your work hours in the middle part of nursing school. I don't know how people work and have kids and go to nursing school. I did not work, my dh literally would care for the  kids all weekend while I escaped to a family member's house to study, and that's how I made it through. 


It sounds like you are very driven to make this work, and you will get through this!! 

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thanks for these responses. I have 3 more days with my mean instructor. tomorrow is one of them and she is testing me...not to give too many details and out myself but if it doesn't work out tomorrow that could be the end of my schooling.



good luck to me!


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Good luck!

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Good luck, I will be sending you positive energy. :)

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Good luck mama! You've made it into nursing school and you deserve to  be there considering only ten percent of students that apply get into most programs! I hope you aced your test and don't have to deal with Mrs Meany next term! Best wishes and blessings...

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So how did it go?

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I am so sorry this is affecting you the way it is. I start my nursing program in August and I have been fairly warned that it will not be a walk in the park. I have a 4 year old so I know how challenging it can be to balance school work and family life.

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