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How to tell if your water broke?

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This may or may not be a hypothetical question...

How can you tell if your water has broken??? I've never experienced this before, but I just heard/felt a little pop while I was sitting up to look at something my daughter was showing me. Now the pad i've been wearing is kind of damp, and the new one I put on now is starting to feel damp...


Should I start packing a bag or three and heading to the high risk hospital? (already warned hubby and grandma who'll be in charge of kiddo) Or should I sit down and stop being paranoid?


EDIT: Never mind... My water has broken.

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Just so you know, this doesn't mean you have to deliver now.  In my DDC last time, we had a mom who had her water break really early also, and they managed to keep baby in for quite a while. 


Regardless, I'm thankful you had the steroid shots already.  I'll keep you in my thoughts.



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Did it become more obvious then?  Sorry to hear this.  I hope they are able to keep babe in awhile longer still if possible.  You're in my thoughts and prayers, Jen!  Keep us updated.

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I guess you're on the road soon then? Try to stay calm and be reassured that they'll take good care of you! We'll be thinking of you.grouphug.gif

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Said a prayer for you! Keep us updated when you can.

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I said a prayer for you as well! I'll be thinking about you tonight. Keep us updated! 

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Praying for you and the baby!  hug2.gif

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((hugs)) sending positive thoughts and prayers for you and baby.

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I wish I could just go to Canada and help you.


Prayers and thoughts with you...

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OMG- I am in shock for you! I saw a girl on tv this week that had her water break at 28 weeks and they kept the baby in until 35 weeks. I am praying for you and thinking about you and wishing you all the best. I am just in shock.... wow.

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You're in our thoughts tonight! Hope to hear some positive news from you!

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Oh man! Praying for you, I hope they can keep baby in. Lots of hugs.

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Huge hugs, Jenn. You're in all of our thoughts and prayers. <3

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sending lots of good thoughts - I am thinking of you <3
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So the hospital sent me home last night because they don't have a working microscope to check if I am actually leaking fluid.(Still trying to figure out how a hospital has only one microscope...) I had a doctor's appointment this morning, so we went to that...


Outcome of my doctor's visit: I'm a crazy person who is really anxious about all of this. Contractions and bleeding are normal during pregnancy. I'm not leaking fluid because it's not pouring down my legs and he didn't see anything during a speculum exam. Was sent for an ultrasound, tech had the radiologist come and check, but they sent me home to wait.

The words "Pissed off" do not cover how I'm feeling. I feel betrayed and hurt and like I've been lied to for the last five weeks, because according to my doctor, they only put me on bed rest so they have something to tell me to do.

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They didn't have the strips to test for amniotic fluid???

Jen..I'm really sorry.



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The part I left out!!! I am going to be looking into a second opinion and very possibly switching doctors. I am just getting so frustrated, and being told that I'm just having anxiety isn't helping.

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I am so sorry you're getting treated this way, my dear. 


Unfortunately, the part you were told about having something to tell you to do is pretty much true.  Bedrest is completely unproven as any help in premature labor situations.  However, it hasn't been disproven.  And the simple fact that you stopped contracting is enough evidence that it was accomplishing something for you.  Many doctors will "prescribe" it because it's the "done" thing, and if it might possibly help, then why not... plus it can be used as a work excuse, where otherwise someone might have to risk losing their job (if they're just told to "take it easy"). 


I will say that from your original post, it sounded like maybe your water breaking was just a trickle and not a flood?  In which case, it is completely possible that it resealed.  A leak like that can happen, reseal and leave no evidence, and unfortunately the doctors act like you're whacko.  I had a friend go through the same thing (almost to term), she was leaking, but by the time she got to the hospital (attempted HB) it had stopped and they all treated her like a moron. 


There is a simple test that you can do at home with pH paper, which you should be able to find at a pharmacy.  Amniotic fluid has a pH around 7, whereas discharge will be lower, around 4, urine is in the same range as AF, but should smell of ammonia whereas AF will smell a bit sweet.  It may save you the drive, and regardless you'll have something definitive to tell them when they look at you like a loon. 


Definitely try to find a doctor that's going to be honest with you though.  One who isn't going to really tell you what is going on when you're obviously experiencing some possibly traumatic difficulties with this pregnancy is of no help whatsoever.  blowkiss.gif

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I'm glad to hear that everything with the baby is okay.  Sorry that your getting the runaround from your doctors though.  :(

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