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Gallbladder issues postpartum? Help!

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Okay, I wanna hear about your postpartum gallbladder issues (you ladies that have had them). What were your symptoms and how long did you have them before going to get it checked out?


I had my son a year and a half ago and have had soooo many digestive issues that really got bad 8 months postpartum. It started with bad acid reflux which = esophagitis (inflamed/irritated esophagus) and gastritis. NOTHING has worked, and I refuse to take the PPI's, esp since I am still nursing. Anyway, I have been getting these pains where my gallbladder is. I have had them for a while but didn't even realize that it could have been that. Sometimes the pain has been bad enough I almost made a docs appointment. But it hasn't been terrible, mostly a dull ache and sometimes sharper more annoying pains. I don't think I am able to digest fats. Ice cream, full fat milk (even raw milk), Ghee, coconut oil and even homemade broth with a lot of fat makes me sick. I get stomach aches and reflux and I am having a hard time keeping weight on, I can't get above 100 pounds. (I was about 150 at 9 months pregnant). After all my issues arose my weight dropped off at a scary rate. And when most of what I eat makes me feel sick, I know I don't eat as many calories as I should considering I am still nursing. After talking with some friends and realizing both of them had theirs removed after their kids, it got me thinking. The docs never even looked at mine or mentioned it but I think I should make an appointment.


Do my symptoms sound familiar to any of you?

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Wow, sort of shocked no one has had any experience with this. I came on here to read up on this very issue because it seems as though I might have some issues here as well. What has happened for you in the months past? Hope you are better now.

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I haven't had gallbladder issues but I recently read that it may be tied to gluten-intolerance. 


Many women on another board I visit have had gallbladder removal and regret not making dietary changes before-hand.  Most doctors recommend reducing fat intake but this blog I found suggests that gall-bladder disease is a symptom of gluten intolerance and dietary changes to eliminate grains works instead.  Keep in mind that many foods have grains as an additive that may be triggering you, even such foods as ice-cream (made from grain-fed cow's milk).




The post has many links to other articles that you may find of interest.  I hope this helps!  I'm sorry for your ill health.  Immediately I recognized from your description that reflux and unexplained weight loss are symptoms of intolerance.

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