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Prolapse or something?

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I don't know where to start asking about this so I'll start here.

I feel like something is going to fall out of me. In the shower tonight I felt that feeling again plus a physical sensation too. I reached down to feel and inside my lips was totally engorged and I was bleeding. I'm 11 days PP and don't know if I should be concerned. I didn't feel this way last time.

When I google the feeling I find info on prolapsed uterus, bladder and vagina! Scared!
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TreeRose, I have no idea, but definitely think your mind could easily be put to ease if you talk to your midwife. And put down the google!!

I'm still bleeding, it actually picked up a couple of days ago when I became too active. I finally called my midwife tonight, and feel so much better.

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I second that - put down Dr. Google and call your care provider!
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I know I'm still having some issues with my bladder and I believe that can cause a prolapse. I would call your Dr. but in the mean time, make sure you keep your bladder empty and keep doing kegles!

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Thanks all. Midwife said it could be prolapse or just my cervix being low. Working on kegels. At first I couldn't feel anything! First appt I could get is Wednesday. She said she'll take a look to see what's going on though the last thing I want is anyone touching me down there!!!
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Just an update that I went and got checked today and I'm fine. Midwife said that my pelvic floor probably gets low as the day goes on creating the sensation which is always worse at night. I'm relieved and glad to put my neurotic thoughts to rest.
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Glad to hear everything is ok!! The things we do for our babies! wink1.gif

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