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Humph. So, is GSE safe?

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So, I went to have a physical done, and they wanted blood work.  No biggie.  2 little vials.  The needle felt large and the band felt tight, but whatever.  Within an hour, I can't bend my arm past 90 degrees.  I get an enormous bruise that lasts a week, and then starts (apparently) leaking down to my elbow.  Now I have a big bruise on my upper arm, and a big bruise on my elbow.  It was hurting enough a few nights ago that I went to the ER.  It was waking me up, and the bruise on my elbow doubled overnight.  We are now going on 2 weeks, by the way.


They checked very well for blood clots, and told me that if the bruise on my elbow got red or bigger or hot to come back in because it might be an infection.  Well, so far so good, until tonight.  When it is bigger-ish, but mostly just looks like the edges are blurring (blackish purple) and starting to fade out.  Except for one spot the size of a nickel or so...it's definitely redder.  And, feels warmer than the rest of me.  I even asked my (unsuspecting and clueless) six year old to tell me if that part felt warm. 


I don't want antibiotics, but I don't want to be foolish.  I can't get to the doc until at least morning...can I take grapefruit seed extract?  How much?


Or, could I do it topically?  Or maybe oil of oregano.  Those two are all I have on hand.


I am so mad about all of this.  (By the way...all my tests were clear...so, it's not like I have some strange blood problem that caused it.  It was a bad stick.)



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:(  Yuck.  Sorry you're having to deal with that.


GSE is safe to take during pregnancy, but I don't know how much you'd need to take for something like that.  My midwife "prescribed" me 10 drops 2x a day for a UTI. 

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I just did some topically, and I'll call my midwife in the morning. 

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geeze Just1more. That sounds really awful. I got stuck yesterday on my finger and not to sound like a wimp- but it is still way sore!
I can't imagine going through what you just described.


Let us know how it works out, will ya?

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So, no infection, but I'm supposed to come back tmrw for a recheck.  It's looking better again today, though still pretty sore.



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I'm glad it's not infected!

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