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Medication during pregnancy

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I'm told I have an ear infection by the Ear NoseThroat
Doctor. He says I need to take Amoxicillin. My midwife
says it's fine, but I'm still feeling a little uneasy. Have any
of you taken this during your pregnancy? I just need a little

Thank you!!!
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I haven't taken Amoxicillan while pregnant, but if both doctors say it's safe, I wouldn't worry.  One thing you might want to research a little more is that new evidence shows that antibiotics are massively overprescribed for ear infections and that most infections go away on their own.  I grew up with chronic ear infections and lots of Amoxicillan and only recently have doctors I trusted tried to hold off.  Obviously it depends on the severity of the infection.  If your eardrum is about to rupture, you should get on the antibiotics ASAP.  But most ear infections in healthy people go away on their own, so that might be something you want to consider.  They are now trying to limit antibios for babies and kids with ear infections because it's just not necessary.  I would maybe ask your doctor whether he has seen this research.  You can also do some Googling on your own.

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I'm finishing my third round of amoxicillan during this pregnancy. I've had two ear infections and am now getting over strep throat. My midwife had no problem with me being on the medication and DD is perfectly healthy at 34 weeks!

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Thank you all for your replies! I've started the antibiotics.
I could be just buying on to fear, but the doctor told me that
If I don't do this the infection can get worse and require stronger
Meds or other intervention. This would not be good for pregnancy
At all. So hard, especially when I'm not big on taking meds to
begin with, but I think it's the best decision at this point. Thank
you again and have a beautiful day!!!
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I'd also like to add that I didn't have a problem
with my ear (infection) until after getting earwax
removed via irrigation at my regular doctors office.
It was so painful they had to stop, and I walked away
feeling extremely worse than beforehand. I feel that
I became infected after this. Trauma to my ear
then infection. Anyhow, that's my horror story.
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