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Where do you live and what will the weather be like around your EDD?

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I thought this would be a fun thread.   We had something like this in my old DDC in 2009.


I live in Olympia Washington.   The weather in late August/early September is the best of the year.   Guaranteed dry and sunny, about 70-80 during the day and getting cooler at night (50-60).  The blackberries are out all over and the gardens and farmers market bursting with fruits and veggies.   It's my favorite time of the year here in this land of short summers.   Also her birthday parties can always be outdoors!   I always want to do outside parties for DD but the weather is not reliable in April here.


The only thing I'm sad about is I'll only have at the most 6 weeks to get outside with my new baby until the horrible rainy season starts.   It usually stops being sunny and the gray and wet start around mid October.   With DD being born in April at least I had all summer to be out with her.   Oh well, better than a mid winter EDD!

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I live in north-central Wyoming.  About 2 hours away from the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  In September the days are still hot, but the nights cool down enough to make it liveable (we don't have air conditioning in our house!).  My EDD is Sept 8th (our 11th wedding anniversary!), but I anticipate the 15th at the earliest since none of my babies have come earthside before 41 weeks.


But then again, sometimes we've had freak snowstorms at the end of September... so.. there's no absolutes.  But generally, the barley harvests are long done by then, sometimes sugar beet harvests are in full swing (depending on the growing season preceding it). I'm glad the weather should be decent because 1) I don't want to be birthing in an incredibly stuffy, way-too-hot house with no AC, 2) my midwife has to drive down 2.5 hours to get here, and MT/WY have inclement weather in a bad way sometimes... so I'll take all the good weather vibes I can!


I am bummed that this baby will be born shortly before it begins to turn cold... and winters in WY last a long time.  But by the time next spring rolls around, baby should be able to really enjoy the outdoors at least! ... aaaand, I think I'll try to make some cute warm winter zip-ups!

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I am in the bay area which sounds like WA a bit- We have our 'Indian' summer that really comes in September and October- it rarely gets 'hot' here maybe hitting 90 once.  We also don't have air conditioning as we live in a 100+ y/o house. It is the nicest time of year where you can go to the beach and it is not chilly and the only time of year that you can get in the water.  I hope to jaunt around with the bebe then our chill starts in November- which I totally don't mind because we can hunker down then when the baby is 6-7 months and more active we can can hang out on the beach and go to the park and picnic and such.


I love summer birthdays but am super happy with a Fall baby.  I also think that according to the child's development we can choose whether they are ready for school because they will be on the cusp.   

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I live in Middle Tennessee (Nashville area to be exact) and I expect the weather will be very nice.  It seems like we have been in the 70-80s for highs.  Most of the time we are at the point where short sleeves are still used during the day, but at night, you might need to take a light jacket with you, just in case.  Definitely to the point where outdoor parties would be an okay thing to do.  It will be interesting because me and DH both share a birthday of September 24th and I am due on the 19th, so we will see when this one actually comes.  DS was born in June, so we were all excited that we could do outdoor parties with him and now this one should be able to do the same.  I wont get much time to spend outdoors though.  Temps usually drop too cold in mid-October/November to be able to take baby outside for walks and stuff, unless this warm winter continues next year as well, then it might be another story. 

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I think I'll have baby a little closer to October... so late September.


I'm in Chicago.  It uh.. varies lol.gif


According to records, average high temp is 74, and average low temp is 55.  Not too bad :)

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I'm fully expecting this baby to wait until near the end of September and here in Edmonton the weather is pretty much anything goes.

Sometimes we have gorgeous falls with nice warm days and cooler nights, other times there's already snow on the ground.


I'm really hoping for a few weeks of good weather post bab so we can get outside a bit before winter kicks in. My DD was born in June and it was great being able to get outside but actually a real challenge to keep my fair skinned, red haired baby out of the sun. At least that won't be much of an issue with this one!

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LOL Carlin - same in Winnipeg. It's impossible to know what the weather will be like in late September here.


I'm due Sep 1 and August is almost always the hottest month of the year: approx 30C+ (80-90F).

Last year, September was really warm and I'd love to have that again this year.

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I will be delivering in early to mid-August (and hopefully not before... fingers crossed) and live in NoVA. Its going to be absolutely freaking gross. Humid, hot and disgusting. IMO there is few things worse than being immediately PP in the summer- all the sweating of fluids, God forbid you have a c/s incision, you feel like crap AND its 100* and feels like you are living in a steamer. Ugh. 

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We're in Dallas, and I'm not particularly looking forward to the third trimester. I've spent the last two summers here before moving down permanently, and granted, last year was a scorcher, but, well:




September wasn't much better. But it's kind of when the worst is over, and the winter is pretty mild, so once it cools down we should have some good outdoorsy time through May-June or so.

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Hyde, I'm going to try to remember that when I'm complaining about the heat this summer. It never, ever, ever! gets that hot here. It seldom gets over 95 and never over 100. On the other hand we don't have AC but at least the basement stays fairly cool. I would far rather deal with extreme cold during the winter than extreme heat!

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It'll likely be pretty hot and humid here in September.  August is our hottest month, and it doesn't cool off that quickly.  I'm in the Houston area.  However, I adore October/November weather.  And I hate cold, so I'm always glad that our winters aren't too extreme.  I'm thrilled that it's finally warming up here and I can wear short sleeves again.

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To those who have to deal with humidity -- Yikes.  I am *so* thankful to live in WY for that reason.  I lived in IL for a summer right along the Mississippi river and never knew before what humidity could feel like.


I'll take my desert dry heat over humidity any day.

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I am in central oregon, in the high desert. early september should be pretty warm (80s, some upper 70s and some lower 90s) and fairly dry. evenings cool off dramatically. Once in the middle of summer it was over 100 during the day, and it froze that night! We got married on August 30- the week before the wedding every day was over 100. the day of was 68! my poor bridesmaids shivered through the windy outdoor ceremony in breezy, gauzy dresses.
I am also looking forward to outdoor birthday parties, as DS is a january baby. I was SO HOT during the last few months of that pregnancy, I'm a little scared about june, july and august... I see a lot of going to the pool in my summer plans!
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Houston area, too :) We had a horrendously hot summer last year, but hopefully it'll be a little better this year. By late September, the highs are usually in the mid-80s. 


Everyone I know says how miserable I'm going to be, but I absolutely hate being cold, so I figure it can't be that bad.  Or at the very least, I'll be inside the air conditioned house, car, buildings, etc.  Not going to worry about things I can't change :)

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I'm in Southeast Michigan, late September and early October is my absolute favorite time of the year. In fact, our 10 year anniversary is 9/28! luxlove.gif

The tree's will be just picking up in changing colors, temps coming down from the hot summer, and the air drying out. 60-70's are normal during the day, cooling down to the 50's or so overnight, with a few hot summer days or cool, rainy late fall days mixed in. The leaves are crisp under foot as they start falling, and the trees are brilliant colors, ranging from those still green to bright red and oranges. After a usually hot August, with temps in the upper 80's and 90's and high humidiity, September always feels like such a treat. The weather is beautiful, not too hot, not too cold.

My DD2 was born in early September, I loved that month with her. We had days were it was warm enough for her to be out in just a diaper, she would stretch out like a cat with the warm sun on her skin. Other days the temp would start to dip, and we would snuggle up in a one-piece cotton sleep and play type thing, wrapping her up in the Moby and zipping her up into my fleece to go for a walk. It's not so cold and wet yet you can't get out, like November-March, but no so hot you worry about their ability to regulate their body temperature in the sticky sweltering heat of July and August.

If all of our weather could be like late April- early June and September and October, I would be one happy Mama smile.gif Of course, I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much if it wasn't cold and snowing or 90 with 90% humidity in between!

The other thing I liked about having a September baby the last time, is that the big kids are in school. My DS starts Kindergarten in September, so I will have two at home during the day. It would have been a long maternity leave to have all four home the whole time.
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Santa Barbara, CA. Summer is usually around 70's and 80's in late August/early September. Last year when I was pregnant we were still living in Portland OR and it was around 90-100 for weeks at a time. Thank goodness for AC!

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I'm in Central Washington State.  August is miserable here, September (can be) a little cooler.   But we are in the high desert, so at least we don't have high humidity.   Luckily, we have AC.   When I was pregnant with DD (born 10/4) we were still in Seattle, but it was the hottest summer ever there.   We didn't have AC then (you never need it in Seattle) and there were some miserable days.  I had to send DH to the store for ice one evening and he went 4 places before he found one that wasn't sold out!   Overall, I like the heat, though, and am really, really looking forward to the warmer weather.   I had a yard with lots of huge trees, and am really looking forward to hanging out back there.  


We are probably moving out of state in January or so, and I'm hoping that we end up someplace without snow, which is worst in January/February.   I hated it this year and didn't have an infant - if we are still here when it snows, I'll probably just stay home until it melts. 

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Sub tropical east coast Australia, just north of Brisbane.  In Sept we'll be coming out of a mild winter into a spring of cool nights great for snuggling with a newborn, and gentle warm days great for taking a gentle stroll.  Average highs are around 22C (no idea in Fahrenheit), and its our dry season so sunny days!  We are fortunate to be able to swim in the ocean all year round here, which is great for healing and rejuvenating after birth.

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Upstate NY; weather in early September will likely be nice fall weather/end of summer warmth. But then there is the humid, hot summer we will most likely get........ how I wish we had Central Air in my house........

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we live in Ga...i am expecting the weather in late August early Sept. to be horrible. Hot and humid....two things I hate together. Though it will cool off late Sept. early Oct. i am not looking forward to being preggo during the GA summer.

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