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What made you initially decide to question vaccines? - Page 3

Poll Results: what factors caused you to initially questions vaccines?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% (0)
    My child has a medical condition that precludes vaccination (does not include vaccine reactions)
  • 8% (10)
    I believe my child had an adverse vaccine reaction
  • 10% (12)
    Within my extended family, there are medical issues that I believe might make vaccines a bad idea for us
  • 5% (7)
    I have a friend/friends who have a child that had an adverse reaction
  • 10% (12)
    I am holistically minded - vaccines were never really on my radar
  • 24% (29)
    I was fully expecting to vaccinate or never gave it much thought - when I saw or read something that made me think twice.
  • 23% (28)
    I research all medical decision (short of an emergency) concerning my children - be it Vit. K., antibiotics or vaccines.
  • 6% (8)
    Something happened ( incident or discussion) with a medical personnel that caused me to rethink things.
  • 10% (13)
119 Total Votes  
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For me, learning about the benefits of breastfeeding and how breastfeeding is under-emphasized by the medical community in favor of formula feeding, made me begin to research all the "hot topics."  This started before I became pregnant with my first baby.


At first, when I learned the basic arguments for both sides - 'vaccines prevent disease and protect your baby' and 'vaccines are potentially/probably not as safe as promoted and the long term effects are unknown' I was very, very confused.  I believed vaccines were good, necessary - only because I had been socially trained to believe so.  But some part of me felt very suspicious of vaccines.  I just didn't understand what that suspicion meant and how I should apply it to my family.  At one point, during pregnancy with my first baby in fact, I decided to "give it a rest and just trust the doctors."  I figured that if I was going to bring my precious baby to a doctor to seek guidance with her health, then I'd probably ought to trust that doctor with vaccine recommendations, and simply stop thinking about the potential dangers.


I succeeded in not thinking about the hep b and vit. k shot.  I was bothered more by the fact that the hospital staff seemed to be "hogging" my baby early in her life.  I didn't give much thought to what they were doing to her while they had her. 


Her first night was horrendous.  She started letting out this ear-piercing prolonged scream, which could only be alleviated by walking her around.  My husband was wonderful in this, but I was sad that I couldn't comfort my baby through breastfeeding.  Now I wonder how much of that screaming had to do with the shots she got when she was only hours old.


At 3 months, I brought her in for her 2 month set of shots.  I'm not sure why I delayed a month...I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I convinced myself that I "had to" eventually, and I brought her in.  My husband held her as she received several shots.  It was heartbreaking.  Later that day, she began that same familiar ear-piercing scream that she had done that first night.  I was surprised because she hadn't done that in a while.  Her poor fat little leg (luckily she was fat from 100% breastmilk) was swollen and hot. 


At 5 months, I brought her in, this time a little more reluctantly, for her 4 month set of shots.  This time, the scream was worse and lasted longer.  The knot in her leg was hot and hard, and she was in terrible pain.  She would scream herself to sleep in my arms, refusing to nurse for hours after the shots.  Then that night, as she burned with vaccine-induced fever, she started displaying signs of neurological distress - her eyes would roll back for a few seconds, and she'd tremble when it happened.  (I learned later this was called infantile spasms, a form of seizures.)  I brought her in to the doctor the next day to tell her about this unusual "thing" she was doing with her eyes and body, and the pediatrician assured me it was normal, and that my baby was only "playing" with me.  I tried to explain that it looked involuntary and weird, but I was shushed again.


That was the last set of shots she got.  She continued with the spasms and involuntary eye movements, and would have prolonged crying fits which included banging her head into ours.  Our once calm baby was now often inconsolable and miserable.


Emma is now 8 years old, and still has signs of vaccine injury.  She has been diagnosed (by a "good" doctor) as being toxic in heavy metals and displaying signs of vaccine-induced learning and behavior issues.  Would we take her to a conventional doctor, she'd have ADHD on her chart for sure, and a prescription for adderal.  Fortunately, her doctor is very natural minded, and has been around the block in treating vaccine injury.  We manage Emma's issues with lithium orotate supplementation, along with megadoses of vitamins since her heavy metal toxicity prevents adequate absorption of vitamins/minerals from food.

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Thanks for your story. Your daughter IS lucky to have you!

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