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moving to Wilkesboro county

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We are moving to Wilkesboro County, NC as soon as house sells here in NY. Will be hubby me and well will baby be out by then or not all is in the hands of the Lord. Anybody from that area. Looking to get to know some people.

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HI, there,

I live about 45 min. south of Wilkesboro & about 50 min. south of North Wilkes. I've taught childbirth classes & done doula work for  many births up that way. I can help you find some young families up there, if you would like. I can give them your contact info, if you private message me.


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young couple good and so are the 40 to 50 group as that is what we are. however for playmates the younger crowd will have kids for mine to play with when get to that point of life. are you near hickory or just south of Lake James. We camped near there 4 years ago looking at area. Plan on going to The Gathering Place. Morningstar mini church.

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I am north of hickory, near Taylorsville is where my home is. I have offices in Hickory, a Northern Charlotte suburban town, and one in Boone on Hwy. 221. Some of the folks that i'm refering to for you all to be in contact with have attended the MorningStar church/fellowship in the past & some still, currently, attend there. Some have moved further north, as in near Sparta/Mt. Airy, NC  areas & attend more locally to Sparta.

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