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Two-story Sleeping Arrangements

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Okay, the third baby is on the way.  Right now my 13month old sleeps in our bed.  I am planning to night wean in the next couple of months with the hopes that I will be able to get some more sleep and not get my back out of whack with side-lying nursing.


Our house has a master br on the main floor, and three bedrooms upstairs.  I feel like the new baby and I will need to be downstairs... I can't imagine carrying a newborn down a towering flight of stairs, and with my dd my midwife told me not to climb any stairs for two weeks.  So I am planning to be in the master br.


I am having a homebirth, and I do not think I will be able to handle ds sleeping in my room during labor and delivery.


So my question is: would you put ds upstairs with his sister, and if so, when?  I'm scared of him falling down the stairs, but I'm nervous about fire if we put a gate at the top of the stairs.



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I would gate.  The chance of fire is much less than the chance of your child falling down the stairs at that age.  If you can find a gate that your oldest can open, that would be ideal. But in all likelihoood, a 4yo is not going to be levelheaded enough to get out of a burning house herself anyways, if that makes sense. 


My only other thought is that you'll need to make sure you have someone there with you that can negotiate the stairs to take care of the other two if they need a parent at night.

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