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Newborn Cloth diaper rash??

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My son is two weeks old, we started him on his cloth diapers after his umbilical cord fell off at 1 week old. We are using the Fuzzibunz OS diapers, but ever since we started he has had a recurring red rash on his bottom, and red bumps along the inside of his thighs. He cries every time we change his diaper and it breaks my heart!

I wasn't sure if it was cloth diaper related, so I put a Seventh Generation disposable on him, and it cleared up. Now I am soo scared that I won't be able to cloth diaper because he appears to have sensitive skin.

Does anyone know what I can do in order to keep cloth diapering?

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what detergent do you use?  what is your wash routine?

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We use melaleuca scent-free. It's all-natural, we also use it on his clothes, so I don't think it'd be the detergent because wouldn't he have a reaction with his clothes too?

Since the diapers are all new, they've only been washed a handful of times. But we do a cold rinse first, then a hot wash with half the detergent and a cold rinse. We tumble dry the inserts and line dry the shells.

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Try putting a cap full of SolUMel in with.  I swear that SolUMel is amazing for diapers :) I also use Melaleuca detergent- keeps mine awesome when used with the SolUMel.   Are you sure he doesn't have thrush/yeast?  My DS3 had thrush/yeast when he was born and his diaper rash would go away when we used disposables.  

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my baby reacted that way to diapers that had been previously washed in melaleuca.

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My gut still says yeast.  Check his tongue.  DS's went away with constant probiotics sprinkled on his tongue and on his tush covered with diaper cream- hurts bees works with cloth diapers.  Also try the SolUMel.  I bet it is not the detergent- he would have a rash other places too.  


eta- ok- didn't realize you were using fuzzi bunz.  don't do the Burts bees without using a liner...

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