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Proud of your tigress stripes?

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We visit this subject here periodically, but I found an interesting, short essay on Huffington Post, A Mother's Body: 




I pretty much agree with her take.  I've got stretch marks all over, starting from puberty.  The marks from my pregnant belly go all the way up past my belly button.  I was devastated after my first was born, couldn't believe I got even more after my second was born.   Agreed, I'd do it all over again to get my kids. 


Are you proud of your stretch marks?  It never occurred to you to be unhappy about them?  Don't really care either way about them?  Loath them? 



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I don't mind them, really. I wear two piece suits and go nude at the hot springs and don't give them a second thought, honestly. I've had stretch marks on my hips since puberty, and the ones on my breasts and lower belly since late pregnancy. My husband really likes them; he says they look all silvery and beautiful like a mermaid, especially when I am in the water. I don't think they are that cool looking, but I'm glad he does.
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I'm not exactly proud of them, but I have come to terms with them.


I had a really nice tummy before kids and even after my first baby.  It was nice and flat and smooth, and I had a really perfect belly button...not trying to brag, just sayin'. loveeyes.gif So I was a little devastated after my second baby when I saw the stretch marks, extra fat, dimples, stretched belly button, and split abdominal muscles. Fortunately, things have gotten quite a bit better with time, but it's still a work in progress. I know it will never the same though and that the stretch marks will never completely fade, but I'm okay with that. I do have two wonderful amazing kids to show for them.  


Okay so I just read the article, and yeah, that's pretty much my take. I will say though that I think the tummy in that photo is pretty sexy.  And I love the saying. 

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I find them completely inconsequential.  I've had stretch marks on my hips and breasts since puberty so adding more was really no big deal. I am kind of amused that the shape of the stretch marks make them look kind of like flames painted on a car hood with my belly button as the hood ornament.  

I was never one to wear 2 pieces of midriff shirts even when I had the belly for it anyway.  Body image isn't one of my insecurities though (I have plenty of others)

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Originally Posted by KristyDi View Post

I am kind of amused that the shape of the stretch marks make them look kind of like flames painted on a car hood with my belly button as the hood ornament.  


That's awesome! 

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I don't mind the marks themselves, but the fact that they're all really close together and tend to be all smooshy-wrinkly-crepe-y is not such a happy thing, from my point of view.  I did gain at least 60# with ds, so...

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I thought the belly in the HuffPo photo looked great.  The skin was still very taut and the stretch marks looked decorative.  I wouldn't mind that look at all.

I didn't get stretch marks myself and a year or so after my first babe my belly looked pretty much like it had before.  Unfortunately since #2 I have some loosening and crepiness of the skin and I am afraid that is never going to go away.  :(  I'd rather have the stretch marks if I could choose one or the other. 

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I love my stretch marks.  I love how they feel, how they look.  I love how soft they make my skin.  But I know I'm a minority.

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I'm with the lady in the article. I don't like my stretch marks. I don't waste a whole lot of time angsting about them, these days, but if I could snap my fingers and remove them, I wouldn't consider it a betrayal of my love for my children or any such thing. I don't need torn skin to remind me that I carried my babies, and I'd rather not have it. om.gif

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I have a few old ones from puberty... I grew a foot in my 11th year. I did not get any from childbearing, so I can't speak to that. It's more important to me that my skin is soft and silky to the touch. I don't wear revealing clothing very much so these kinds of things don't usually upset me. I do my best to "love the skin I'm in".
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stretch marks are just another mark on my body.


i love all the marks on my body (and dd's too) because they tell a story. my personal photo album and history records.


however i will say i love watching my stretch marks change. i wasnt expecting that. i'd spot them by accident and it would fascinate me how different they looked with weight change. 


now off to read that article. 


however its the shape of my body that is my 'tigress stipes'. with a bulging middle section and hanging boobs i look like an ancient fertility symbol. for me that connects me to women from beginning of time and that's what really inspires me and makes my 'soul soar'. 

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