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Will this be your last?

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This will be our third and last little bub and thinking about it makes me kinda sad.  DH and I married in 2008 and got busy right away.  We have been blessed with two in a short period of time and this little bean makes three.  I am 36 DH is 37 and we feel so very blessed to have our little family. 


It took some convincing to get DH on board with a third but here we are.  It is bitter sweet.  On one hand I am relieved that after this babe our family will be complete. On the other I enjoy being pregnant and I am in awe of creating a new life.  It makes me sad that this will be the last time I experience that wonder.


It's funny when I got our BFP I looked at those two lines and caressed my thumb over the window and thought this (hopefully) will be the last time I ever see this again bawling.gif.  Geez I need to stop I'm getting all teary eyed!


Anyway any other Mama's thinking this will be the last?

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This babe will be our last too. I'm like you, I also enjoy pregnancy and babyhood so I'm trying to notice and love as much as I can this time around. 


It will be very nice to have our little family complete. Before we had DS we wanted 3 or 4 kids but after the never ending energy and needs of our 18 mo kiddo, we decided to stop after our second is born. Having a small family will be nice: we can travel together more, have no extra riders at amusement parks (orngbiggrin.gif), and the stress and work won't kill me early. winky.gif


Right now I'm not upset or sad about it at all really. I probably will be when this LO gets older and I won't get another little babe to cuddle. 



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My last baby was supposed to be our last so this will definitely be the last baby.blush.gif I cherished that pregnancy and I am so glad that I did. I took care of my body, wrote a blog everyday, got a belly cast, had a blessingway, got an in home massage and had an amazing waterbirth. I am trying to figure out if we can afford to do all of that again lol!


But my husband is planning the vasectomy straight away probably during the pregnancy while I pray the baby is fine. I am trying to convince him to wait, but he's determined about it having our two only and how that was it for him. We will see what happens in the current month. He wants to name the boy after him and I refused (surprise gender on our second). I told him that if he accepts and celebrates this pregnancy with me he can name the baby if its a boy after himself. He seemed to like that. 

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I have a 15 month old now. At this point DH and I still want 3 or 4, but we'll see what we think after becoming parents of two!
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It might be our last but hopefully we'll have one more. I'm treating it like its my last though and trying to savor it!

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Iana, last baby was our "last" as well!  this is a huge surprise bonus.  I was always open to another but dh was not. 

This was a big surprise since I'm nursing, just had a baby and we weren't trying at all (and i'm 40!)



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This will probably not be our last, though it's hard to say because it takes us ages to get pregnant. For a while we were afraid Pearl would be our last.


If it's up to us, we'll just keep going. I'm sure there's a point at which we'd decide we have enough children, but right now we're so thrilled I'm actually pregnant, stopping is the farthest thought in our minds. smile.gif

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We had always discussed maybe having three. This is #2, so I suppose there is a possibility that we'll have another one, but having two will be easier in a lot of ways, I think -- we wouldn't have to worry about space in our house, traveling will be easier (DH's family is in Sweden, so fairly frequent trips there are obligatory), etc. I also have some concerns about my husband's age, as he is 18 years older than I am. If we have them all three years apart, he would be 51 when the youngest is born. I have to say, though, that if this turns out to be a boy, I would probably want to try one more time for a girl.

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The plan is for this to be my last pregnancy.  I must be crazy, but now that I'm here I actually think I'll miss it.  I don't have easy pregnancies or labors, but there's something special about being one with your child for 9 months.  love.gif  I won't miss the symptoms, just the idea of being pregnant, lol.


We hope to adopt someday.  Realizing this last pregnancy means we're very close to needing to make some decisions about that.  I'm glad to be here but also very overwhelmed at all that lies ahead on that path.

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The plan is for this to be our last one. I would potentially be open to more but DH is pretty keen to just have two. And I think for me it's mostly about knowing this is that last time for everything rather than really wanting another child. I think I'd feel the same way about the last one whether is was baby 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever.

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This little one will be our last.  I"m OK with it.  We always said 3 and while we were really happy with 2, when we found out we were having a third it was just great.  But 3 for us will be it....as it is the thought of being outnumbered 3 to 1 freaks me out a little bit.  :)

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This is our 3rd and most likely our last, My husband was happy with 2, but I've been wanting a 3rd for the past couple of years. My DH has already mentioned maybe he needs to see a doc soon, so I don't see #4 in our future!

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There are so many mama's here that will be done with three. I feel a little bit more sane now thanks to you guys. 

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This is our last... I was hesitant about having a third, even, but now that we're pregnant, I'm so happy to be having a baby with my SO... and he's excited to have his "own".  I do not enjoy pregnancy and I'm not really a fan of the newborn phase... I LOVE the age my kids are at now... 3 and 5. I'll look forward to sharing this baby (hopefully a girl:) with my boys, but I feel like we will be complete with 3!

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The plan as of now is that this will be our first (together) and last. It took us a lot of discussion and rumination just to reconcile having the one. We are kind of old-school-esque hippies, I guess, because we feel comfortable with replacement fertility and we each come from families where two children is the norm. My partner already has one biological child (my stepdaughter) so this one will count as mine (although of course it'll also be his)! By bringing this up, I don't mean to imply judgement of all those of you who have 3+ kids! I think people should have as many kids as they're truly comfortable raising.


Anyway, for a while I only wanted to consider adoption, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn't want to miss out on this very basic human experience and sharing it with my family (not if I could help it, anyway). I also thought it would be nice for my stepdaughter to have a half-sibling here (she already has maternal half-siblings), although I didn't want that to be our only reason.


So I'm treasuring this pregnancy. I think a lot of what we'll ultimately end up doing depends on how we feel after adjusting to this new family member. We may want more kids, in which case we'll reconsider adoption, or there's a small chance we'll feel okay with having another biological child. Or we may feel like this is enough. We don't feel like we should make solid plans until we really know what we're dealing with :)

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This could very possibly be our last. We've always known 8 would be our max. So we'll see after this one is born if we go for an 8th or are done.

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This is absolutely, positively going to be our last baby.  The last 2 were supposed to be our last babies, but I sill was hoping for more.  I know for sure this is going to be it though.  I think 5 is the perfect number for our family.  I know that I will always be a bit sad about not having another, but I for sure cannot handle another pregnancy after this one.

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Well, I am set on having five. Always have been. I don't want any more than five, but I definitely do not want to stop at four kids. This baby will be #4. So, we plan on having one more baby. Five kids seems perfect for us.

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Jeez,  I can not even imagine having one now, but if all goes well, I might get the bug and have another Universe willing.  My husband wants two and would rather have me birth them.   I would like to have one or two and adopt one as well.  I will be 38 in October, and am not sure how I feel about having babies in my 40's.

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This is our first. We'd like to have one more after this one.

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