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I had that same exact response to the BFP that you did, OP.  I've kept my test, because for now I can look back on it and remember very clearly the feeling of "omg I'm pregnant - yay!"  I'm definitely sad that this will probably be the very last time I experience that incredible feeling. 


This is my 6th pregnancy, and will hopefully be my 3rd live baby (3 miscarriages).  Our kids are so far apart that it feels like a completely different experience from the others.  I'm trying so hard to soak it up and enjoy every last minute.  I don't want to forget how it feels, and I want to have treasured it so I can feel like it is okay to call our family complete.  I am going to miss this incredible feeling of creating life, and knowing that my baby is in my belly... so much.

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This is #3 for us. We have two boys, and this one was a surprise. I had always wanted 4, and after we had 2, it was either 2 or 4, but we were both very much on the fence about going back to the baby stage again. I was one of three and hated it. So I'm not sure if this is our last. Most likely. If it's twins, then definitely no more.


While I love being pregnant, I was adjusting to having a little more free time etc., thinking about going back to school. But I love the newborn stage so I am looking forward to it. I'm actually hoping for twins. Have always wanted twins and would be thrilled to go from 2 to 4. Call me crazy, I'm sure I deserve it ;)


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This is definitely our last baby. This little one will be our 4th and our 3rd was our surprise "last" baby. I am sure we would have stopped there, but we were ready for one more. 6 is a number that works great for us.


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If all goes well with this little bean then yes this is our last. 6 is what I always wanted and my hubby was on the fence until he surprised me and said he wanted #5 a couple years ago. When our 5th was born, we left it up in the air bc we had things we wanted to do and get done before #6 but this little one had other plans :) We both wanted to be done having kids by a certain age since we started early in our lives and this baby puts us at that goal. Hubby will be getting fixed after this bc it's his turn to do something, lol!

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Sadly this is going to be our last. I'd like to have 4 or 5, but when I brought it up again the other day, my husband said he's getting a vasectomy as soon as the baby is born and everything is fine. I'm sad but he really only wanted 2, so it's a compromise. I thought maybe we would adopt some day, but who knows. It definitely wouldn't be a baby.
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