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Someone please tell me to not freak out...

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I've had three positive FRER tests, no AF, on and off sore boobs, mild nausea all day long, intense swings from being not hungry at all to starving in 0.5 seconds and last night started having crazy dreams.  Obviously, I'm pregnant, lol.  BUT, I keep worrying this isn't going to stick.  My boob soreness went away and I have a lower back ache now.  I stupidly took a Dollar General test today in the middle of the afternoon and it was negative.  Waited 3 hours and took another and it was negative.  


Now I'm freaking out and have no more $ to buy a good test tonight for tomorrow morning.  I don't want to ask my BF because he will probably think I'm out of my mind for testing again.  I'm not sure what to think or do at this point.



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My symptoms seem to come and go as well.  Hopefully your levels just aren't high enough to register on the DG tests.  How far along are you?

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Its really early...I don't even know when I o'd since we weren't trying and this is a surprise.  My LMP was 2/8 and AF was due on 3/4 or 3/5 (my cycles are short since having DS, any where from 24 to 26 days)  I've never used the Dollar General tests before, always used FRER and the internet cheapies when TTC with my ex.  



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We are pretty near the same point then.  My LMP started heavily on Feb 7th, though I started spotting four days before that (I'm not sure which point to count from).  I think I ovulated early as well.  AF should have been due on the 6th, but I got a BFP when I tested for the first time on the afternoon of the 29th.


Anyway, some of my symptoms come and go, but they are very similar to the ones you have described.  I'm not sure how sensitive the DG tests are, but hopefully that is all that is going on.  Sending positive thoughts your way!

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I bet you aren't far enough for the DG tests to register your HCG. My cheapies didn't show I was pregnant until about 3-4 days past my missed period, or around 15 DPO. 


Just get a good test tomorrow and hold your pee all afternoon. If you are pregnant, it'll probably still come up. 


Good luck!!

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So I just went back and searched my old posts from when I got pregnant with DS....and it basically described everything I'm going through now including the boob pain coming and going and the lower back ache.  


That actually makes me feel better!


I'm going to save my FMU tomorrow until I can get to the store and grab a good test.  I'm not screwing around with the $ store stuff and worrying myself for no reason.  



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Good luck with FMU tomorrow!

I know exactly what you mean about second guessing symptoms. Mine aren't at all consistent day to day, so I am, of course, second guessing and over analyzing. I really wish I had kept a record of when different symptoms hit during my 1st pregnancy so I could refer back. At this point any bit of nausea makes me feel relieved. (I'll probably be regretting those words in a few weeks!)
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I think its over....woke up to cramping and spotting brown, just waiting now.  BF is trying to leave work early and come home, but won't be home until close to 1pm.



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Oh no, I am so so sorry.

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Went and bought good tests and they are negative now.  BF is on his way home. 


Happy and healthy 9 months to everyone here.



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I'm so sorry. :( 

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Oh no greensad.gif I'm so very sorry mama.
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I'm so sorry. Take good care of yourself.
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I'm so sorry.  :(

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I'm sorry :(

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