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Public transoprtation

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Do people have tricks for taking public transportation with multiples? Particularly pre-walkers? On the bus and train around here you're supposed to get on carrying the children with strollers folded. And I can put one baby in the sling and carry the other, with the diaper bag on my back, but then I don't have enough hands to fold up the stroller (a Maclauren). And that's true whether I use the single or the double stroller. I could put one baby on my back and one on my front, but it's still hard to collapse and carry the stroller, and I wind up having to be at the bus stop 20 minutes before the bus comes. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to just walk.


Not sure if I'm looking for advice or just venting...not sure there's an answer.

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Personally I would just say that I can't not take two out of the stroller and ask that it be treated like a wheel chair. My babies are much calmer and safer snuggled and buckled into their plush double stroller then dangling off me while I drag things! I might check the regulations, I am guessing it is a preference, not a regulation and it is a reg. it feels like it may be an illegal one for proper access requirements.
I have a very maneuverable "stadium tandem" stroller so I ca pretty much get it anywhere (baby jogger city select) and keep it out of people's way. I can see them having a legitimate issue if your stiller block emergency exits.

I don't take busses (horrible motion sickness) but I take the subway and light rail all the time. I use the area for wheelchairs as long as a truly handicapped person does not need it. I have no problem politely asking able body persons to move if it is posted that those seat go to passengers with special needs.

The other thing I do if it is crowded is that I either stand protective of the handle of my stroller or drape something over it. Folks tend to grab and lean on it of there is a sudden stop and I don't want me kids jostled around or their germs.
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It's actually in the regulations around here. And the bus is allowed to choose not to stop if you have a stroller that isn't folded (and they can not let you bring the stroller on, even folded, if they want to). But I may try again to find the handicapped car on the train. (I went to the marked place last time, but it turned out to be the wrong car)


I snuck onto the train once, got on and had them tell me I had to collapse the stroller once, and had them not let me on once. Something will work, some day. I hope. I get tired of having to stay home.

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With that crap I would go directly I the law makers, be it the city council or however. My tax dollars go to the majority of the transits funding and it's a form of age discrimination. If I can find a way to get on and off and not put the safety of other people in jeopardy, the rest is bull. I'm not expected to carry my grandmother and fold her walker up!
And this is not a private business or luxury we are talking about its "public" transit.

Do get have a rule banning suitcases? What about a highschool kid and his cello on the way to school? I can see if all the handicap wheelchair spots are filled with wheelchairs you would need to take the next train segment or the following bus. But the test of this has me fuming!
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Would you be willing to PM me with what city you live in, I would really love to look up those regulations.
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- All strollers must be folded and stored on the luggage rack.


On the bus question, it looks like I misread. Carts are at driver discretion. Strollers are allowed when they're folded up.

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