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Another "should I keep or toss" thread

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A while back, I had all this inventory for an online store I was doing.  It was more or less items I found at thrift stores that were in great condition, and some new stuff as well from wholesalers.  (I wasn't trying to pass the used stuff off as new, or anything like that, don't worry.)  The store was doing relatively well until I had some family issues crop up.  Short version is that I put it all on hold, deleted all website info, etc.  Now that we've moved, I have scary-amounts of inventory left in the new garage.  I would have enough to fill a brick and mortar boutique if that's what I wanted to do.


I don't want to open the store again, really.  It would take WAY too much time to set up a store again (take photos, do write-ups, price, etc.) and I just don't want to.  At the same time, I don't want it sitting in the garage either.  I've thought about trying to pass it on as a lot to someone, but I really don't know anyone else who has need of the kind of stuff I had in stock - and if I did find someone, it probably wouldn't even pay for itself to ship out to someone.  I thought about renting out a flea market table or something, but what with paying for childcare for two kids and renting a table and space, I probably wouldn't make a profit.  I also don't want to have a tag sale - we're not really in an area where we can have one, and the same stuff goes for a community tag sale as for a flea market - childcare, etc.


So that leaves me with... wth do I do with this stuff?  Should I keep it with the thought that maybe one day I can make some of the money back from it?  Should I just donate it all?  Ugh.  I'm feeling really down about how enthusiastic I got about this store and how much inventory I got and then didn't follow through enough to get rid of everything...

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I think it can't hurt to post it as a lot on Craigslist while you decide what to do. But if you don't need the money, then I'd give it away. If you do, then make a deal with yourself to sell a certain number of items per week or give yourself a deadline-- sell by ___ or give it away.
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Idk what stuff you have or how much stuff. For some reason I'm thinking kiddie resale but I'm probably wrong. Anyway I would post it in lots on craigslist and see what happens.  If its something you can sell then you should sell it, you made an investment of sorts and I would want to recoup as much of that as I could.


I would also seek out other methods to liquidate my inventory.  FWIW,shipping is the responsibility of the buyer IMO.

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It's kind of a niche interest - items for the home for Pagans.  Think candle holders, oil burners, incense holders, chalices, windchimes, celestial-themed decorations, mortar/pestle sets, wall hangings and tapestries, keychains, jewerly, bells... that sort of thing.  As well as some spiritual art.  This isn't really a diverse area so I don't know if anyone would bother to buy it off of CL, and I don't do Ebay.  And if I donated it all to the thrift store, I don't know what they'd make of it all - at the very least they'd have hundreds of small items of witchy stuff.  Hmm.


I think I can probably sort through and take out the not expressly spiritual items to the thrift store.  Things like candle holders and the like.  Heck, a lot of the stuff I did find at the thrift stores already, so I guess that's fine.  And maybe the expressly Pagan stuff I will donate to some organization or other...  And if there's anything worth selling individually I might try to do that, but I really don't want to spend too much time on that.


I guess I sort of brainstormed my own question out, lol, but thanks for the replies.  And if anyone else has another perspective before I execute said plan, please do chime in.  :)

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I think a flea market might be the best for $.

For places to dump it. A uu church rummage sale would probably get to your target market.
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I'd be inclined to post the "good" items, higher ticket items, and those that are less "niche" on CL or kijiji in an attempt to recoup my costs.  Some work involved, but not that much, and at least you wouldn't gave the expense of renting a table, childcare, etc. AND the stuff that sells doesn't have to get hauled away.  You can set an end date for yourself so you aren't hanging on to stuff indefinetly waiting for it to sell.


Sorry you have to deal with it all.  "Stuff" can be so emotionally draining!  Good luck!

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What about one of those stores where they sell it on ebay for you?  This way you don't have any of the work of it and you still get some of the money.  They could maybe package it in lots so it will move quicker.  Or if there's a metaphysical shop near you they may be interested in buying the whole lot of it.

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