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So frustrating!

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Do you feel like your head is going to explode or you are going to start crying while researching vaccines?  I just want some straightforward answers, statistics, facts etc...  I don't mind vaccines if there is a need and if they are SAFE but its nearly impossible to get the truth on these things!  Sorry for the venting, I'm just getting so frustrated!!

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I totally understand! Just take it one day at a time, one vax at a time. It will get easier once you start deciding which ones are for you and which ones aren't. And what ages you want to do what. I can't promise it will get easier, because I am still confused. But your head will get less cloudy and hopefully less emotional : ) Good luck!

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There are varying degrees of truth for some people...you have to use critical thinking skill when doing the research and at times it is very confusing and frustrating as well.. how can someone possibly make up their mind with all the info out there??  Read any an all articles pertaining to the issue at hand, and try to rationalize with yourself the pro's and con's to vaccinating and which diseases you are vaxing for.  Take into consideration the science behind the vaccines, and the way that the MD's look at vaccines and disease, compared to the way a  naturepath or holistic dr  would see these kinds of maladies.  For some people, there are no straight forward answers...

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Take into consideration the fact that the studies that claim safety are funded by, directed by, interpreted by, and marketed by the people who profit from the sale of those vaccines.

Would you trust studies saying cigarettes don't cause cancer if you found out that those studies were funded by tobacco companies?

Hey, I'm pretty sure I can find 1000 heavy smokers who don't have lung cancer--think I"ll go do a "study" on them....
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Exactly!  Thank you all for the replies.  The things that I don't agree with are the fact that the companies are completely benefiting from the school vaccination requirements, the fact that SO MANY vaccines are given to very young children/babies (not to mention all at one time), and the fact that they require vaccines for things like chicken pox which I believe is just going to make the child have a worse case if they catch it later in life when the vaccines wear off.  I'm all for having vaccines for people who would like to get it but the fact that its not even a choice unless you get the school exemption is insane.  Yes, some children have a terrible time with chicken pox but most kids who get it come out stronger.  If we don't let our bodies fight some sicknesses, we're going to end up dying from the common cold.


Its hard to make decisions when you can't weed out the unbiased information.  I totally understand the good in vaccines.  I also understand how business works. 


I'm also sick of how parents are guilted, pushed, and tricked into staying on or catching up to the vaccination schedule.  We purposely chose to wait til DD was at least a few months old to even start any vaccines but all our (former) pediatrician kept giving us was a way to "catch up".  Hmmm...if we didn't want to give our newborn baby ANY vaccines for a few months, what makes you think I'm going to want her to get 7 at once???  Needless to say, we switched doctors (3 times in fact) before finding one who isn't pushing us to catch up. 


Sorry for venting again!  It just gets me angry.  DD is now 2 and we've been on our own very delayed schedule for a while but with preschool in sight (a year and a half away) we sort of need to figure out our plans for the near future.  Thank you all for your advice and I'm so glad I'm not the only one! 

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