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Fetal nickname

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Is anyone here thinking about "naming" your baby in the womb? I can't think of anything that seems to click. I want a prenatal nickname, though, since we won't be telling anyone our real name until the baby is born. I don't want to be referring to it as 'it'.

I would love to hear your thoughts.
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We were just talking about that last night :) I'm guessing we'll come up with one after the ultrasound. My partner used to refer to his daughter (my stepdd) as his 'Gamer Larvae' when she was in the womb (yea... we're geeks here) ROTFLMAO.gif

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We were calling ours "BC" (short for blastocyst) at first and DH sometimes calls it J2 ( our LO's name starts with a J) but we need to come up with something else.

We called J "bean" until we found out she was a girl then changed to Freya/Lyric because those were the two first names we had on our list.
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We're super creative and usually just go with Baby, Baby 2, or Baby #2... Perhaps we should come up with something better smile.gif
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I'm planning to wait until something inspires us.


With our first we went to the Field Museum during early second tri and went to the mammoth exhibit. In the exhibit were Pygmy Mammoths and I said to DH "They are mini-mammoths, just like our baby will be a mini-us" And for the rest of the pregnancy we referred to her as Pygmy. (My family thought it was SO WEIRD haha).


We didn't find out the sex (although I KNEW in my heart of hearts) so it's kind of weird, I feel like I was pregnant with Pygmy  and she became Q when she was born.


So, hopefully something will inspire us for this baby. I'm calling it "Tiny Ball of Cells" for now :)

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We called DS Baby during pregnancy and I assume we'll do the same with this one. It was referred to as Blastocyst for a while but now we're moving to Baby. SOOOO creative! winky.gif


Nowadays I call DS every cutsie nickname in the world.....

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We're inspired by Feta and/or Speck...


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I've found myself calling this babe "sprout."

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I'm still in a state of disbelief/hesitantly excited, so I haven't been referring to it as anything except "the baby". I used to call my son "Fetus", but DH didn't like that :)

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We know we'll get some odd looks, but we actually had this conversation a couple months ago and decided on "Creature".  I thought it up, hubby mulled it over for a bit, and eventually it just stuck.  So Creature it is.

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With our second, we waited til birth to know the gender, so we called her "baby Q" during the pregnancy, and the nickname stuck for a couple months after her birth. Now she is almost three, and we decided to pass the nickname onto this baby smile.gif
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I really think this one is a boy and for some reason I just keep thinking of it as "Bubbah".  I told my dh that I like the nickname Bubbah (which wouldn't really fit if it was a girl), He's been calling it "Bubby Bean" which, to my dismay, is sticking.  He was talking about "Bubby Bean" last night and my girls overheard (although they have no idea what he was talking about).  They thought it was hilarious and have now been saying it frequently.   Can hardly wait until they know what we're talking about- not for a few more months though.


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Peanut. :-)

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we start with 'tadpole', then polliwog... , then it was coffee bean. now it is jelly belly bean:)

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Little kiddo or new kiddo smile.gif
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I am still struggling to connect with this pregnancy, so nothing yet. Need to think of something, though, or maybe I'll let the boys come up with something.

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Baby, bean, or the fish. Lol, I was looking at a pic of what baby looked like at 6 weeks and it totally reminded me of a little alien fish. We may move onto Sea monkey since that conjures up equally weird looking images smile.gif
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 We're calling it our "jellybean"

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On the ultrasound @ 7 weeks the baby looked just like a bratwurst link.  I can't seem to bring myself to call my baby a bratwurst though.  So far, it's just "baby."  Need to come up with a cute name.  I love the "Baby Q" one (it sounds so fun when you say it out loud), and "Sprout."

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Thumper.  Makes more sense once you can feel kicks!  I think that's the stage when I started using it last time.  My son, who has heard stories of when I was expecting him and calling him Thumper, has already referred to this pregnancy as Thumper.  Fine with me. smile.gif

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