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Help with healing

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Hey Mamas,

So we've had a terrible bout of illnesses this winter. We've had both Strep and influenza. My kids are feeling ok with just a residual cough and my dd occasionally gets nauseous and will vomit and then she's fine. My dh had to go on antibiotics as the strep turned into a scarlet fever. I am still feeling really wrung out. I still have a little congestion and an irritated occasional cough. But the irritating symptoms are the residual fatigue and sore muscles. I started to get better last Friday but the symptoms are lasting... What can I do to speed the healing process besides sleep? I took some emergen-C and I am eating even though I'm not really hungry and drinking lots of green tea. I am getting out and doing the regular stuff and trying to keep moving. I am having naps. I really would like to avoid another illness and to start feeling better. Any tips? Should I take some garlic? I did when I was in the middle of it. 

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I know what you mean about getting sick too much. That seems to happen to us in the winter time as well. I see we are both in northern climates....which means we probably lack vitamin D. Do you do cod liver oil or some other kind of D? That couldn't hurt. I don't take nearly as much as I should. 


Maybe drink more water as well. Green tea has caffeine and maybe isn't helping your hydration. There was a looong thread floating around here forever about sodium ascorbate (sp) that has a lot of info. Let me see if I can dig that up.   

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Here it is. 

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I do take vit D 2000iu/day. I don't take cod liver oil though maybe I need to add that in. Interesting thread on sodium ascorbate. I haven't read it all but I think I need to start taking that on a regular basis as well. Thanks for the response.

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You might need up to 10,000 IU of D a day or more.



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I recommend Fermented cod liver oil.  We take black elderberry syrup at first sign of illness and never seems to get worse than a runny nose.  Garlic wouldnt hurt, just make sure its fresh.  I peel a clove of garlic, poke holes in it and swallow it like a pill.

Home made kefir would help too especially if you were drinking it before you got sick, it might just prevent it.

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