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seeking chicken pox...

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Anyone hear of anything?  We're in NY's lower Hudson Valley.  Will travel!

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We might have them in central NJ  :)  Near Bridgewater http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1348383/does-this-look-like-chicken-pox#post_16918350

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Are you willing to have folks over?

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Sure.  Doc visits for us are $70 though so I'm not going to bother confirming.  I don't think DS is contagious anymore but IF DD has it she probably is.  No spots yet.

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Thank Taryn!  Please keep us posted on your daughter.  We're 2 hours away so I don't want to come if she doesn't has pox.  But we, or someone from our community (lots of folks hoping for pox) will probably come on over.


Thanks again!

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I'd be interested too!  My ex lives in Bergen County, so it wouldn't be much of a drive to bring him over for a playdate.  Please PM me with details if that's ok!  He's 4, so we really need to get him exposed soon.

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I think we may have them. Youngest daughter is all broken out, her older sisters are starting. Taking them to the dr. in the morning to double check since they weren't exposed on purpose. We're on border of Otsego/Schoharie Co. in NY. 

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Darn, that's too far for us.  If you successfully send it down the pipe towards Jersey, please keep me informed!  We're getting desperate now that Badger is nearly ready for kindergarten.

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Mrs Rockstar, what town?  Probably too far for us but you never know.  Thanks!  And I hope your kids are comfortable.


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My husband had them last week.... looks like oldest son is starting.  I'm going to confirm with the ped tomorrow.  We're in Putnam Valley, NY.

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Ooooh!!!  Exciting!  If your pediatrician is like ours, she won't want you to come in.


Please let us know when you're able to have folks over, and if you need us to bring anything.  PM me if you don't want to post your address and all on here.  THANK YOU Bygones75!

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See, that's exactly what I want.  I want the ped to say, take pictures, don't come in here.  I just want to make sure it's on record that he's had chicken pox (and hopefully the little guy will follow).  So that next time it goes through the schools, my kids won't get home for not being vaxed. 


It's definitely pox; he's got more this morning.  Sure, you can come on by.  I'll pm you the address. 

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That's what my dd has: photo in her med record.  And on any vax questionairres I --or the doc--just write that she had the pox when she did.  No problem so far.


Hope to see you soon, and thanks again!!!

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We are looking for a pox party in PA or NJ for my 7 year old.  We live sort of southwest of Allentown.  Really want to get this taken care of since he is getting older.





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Hi there! got word that the chicken pox is here in Put Valley!  WE also live in PV and are looking to expose our 3 boys!  please email me and let me know if you'd be willing to let us come to you.  not sure how this all works?  Cheers!


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Hi Bygones,  Yeah!  We're right in Shrub Oak and have been hunting for a little bit now.  We'd love to come by and get some exposure.  I have a 4.5 yr old little girl and a 2 year old little boy.  I'm not sure if this is a public post or not as I haven't tried responding to one of these posts on here yet so I won't put my personal email address here yet.  If it's not public I'll go back in and give you my personal info.




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Heather, I emailed you.  Lauren, see you in a bit.

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Thank you Bygones 75!!!  Such fun, and here's hoping for a poxing!

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