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Anxiety, Nightmares..Anyone?

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The last few days I have been dealing with this. My "list" is only halfway done and where I'd hoped to have the baby/play space done by now I'm still waiting for a few things to be finished. I feel like there is still sooo much to do and in some ways the pregnancy doesn't seem "real" (this is weird b/c physically it is Very Real but there's just some emotional disconnect this time around).


Anyway, I had a terrible series of nightmares the other night and had general anxiety and irritability ever since. The nightmares were highlighting, of course, all of my worst fears--baby being born prematurely and DH not being done with school yet, having a birth that I'm not in control of/can't remember, not knowing where my baby is the day after he is born (not a fear but a terrifying aspect to that dream), etc..


It seems like this mood change has made the BH come on more, and I am trying to R-e-l-a-x but it is difficult.


Anyone dealing with these issues? I know I can't be the only one!



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It really went away for me completely and now, suddenly, is back. It's driving me nuts.



I was up late into the night most nights, from like 12 to 20 weeks, staring at the ceiling, gripped with feelings of anxiety and self-doubt....and then I worked on my "list" and powered through the financial uncertainties that were bringing me down and we've arrived at a place where TRULY all we need to do is wait for this baby to come.....and the fear and self doubt and anxiety is back HARD.


Because I don't have anything "real" to stress over, my mind is spiraling into ridiculous whirling lists of all the things I have to do that are really not anything at all...like grocery shopping and making food. Stressing about the rabbits that are due to kindle soon, etc. WHY am I stressing about normal, non-stressful things??


It's a pregnancy thing. I think it's nervous nesting energy....while I'm awake, my urge to "feather my nest" is strong. At night, that nesting urge is still there, but it's not a physical time of day....so my mind goes into "feathering my nest" mode and all of that busy-making manifests as obsessive thought about day to day stuff because all of the items on my "nesting to do" list are done.


Anyway, I get where you are and I'm sorry, because it sucks. I can only sit and hope that it will pass quickly and completely. I didn't have this at any point with my other pregnancies and it's really dreadful. :(

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It's the full moon horrors.gif

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so that's it!


i hope so, i felt alot less anxious today and less BH's....even though i had a ton to do and was on my feet most of the day. :)



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Don't forget the crazy solar flares we've been having!! Those solar flares send CRAZY energy to the earth!

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Maybe that is why my 2 year old has been acting like a wackadoo lately.  

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I've had some pretty awful nightmares lately. I think mostly because I was sick and my sleep was really disturbed. I was waking up at 3 or 4 am for several night in a row and having a hard time falling back asleep. Also, I suffer from this lovely thing called sleep paralysis- anyone have that?? It's terrifying. Basically it's when your body is falling asleep, but your brain isn't quite on the same level, so you experience a minute or so of paralysis... you are awake, but you can't move at all. Ugh. I'll be glad when these pregnancy nightmares and sleep related things are in the past, and I'm just not sleeping at all twins.gif

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I've been having really weird nightmares lately too.  Everything from my husband having a stroke and me not knowing what to do about it (which is probably more related to being in nursing school and having my clinicals on a neurology floor than my pregnancy!) to a super weird nightmare I had last night where I kept getting sucked into a tornado while attempting to run a half marathon.  In the dream I would land and would be holding a super tiny placenta, so I assumed the baby had died, but it would be confusing because it looked like the placenta detached from a spot on my hand that had three vessels exposed that matched the tiny cord vessels.  Freakish, but it kept waking me up!

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I don't know if my own anxieties are getting worse with age or if it's just the hormones that I've had pumping through my body almost nonstop the past few years.  Everything seems heightened though.  I don't remember feeling this anxious about DH being out of town for work in the past, but this pregnancy it's been pretty bad.  I hate it.  A zillion bad things cross through my mind.  I sleep like crap.  At least this time around the weather is super pleasant and we can be outside tomorrow.

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