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Nut allergy and birthday party

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We are having a birthday tea party for my daughter.  We are going to try to make it like a traditional full tea with finger sandwiches, scones and sweets, tea, etc.  Here is the problem:  there is a little girl attending who has a severe nut allergy.  Unfortunately, mostof this party will be taken up with the fancy tea meal.  They will do a craft first, but that is just in preparation for the tea.  So, I was hoping someone could point me to some nut-free items I can getfor her.  Like, maybe I could buy a special bread to make her sandwich, or special cookies that i can get her instead of the ones I will make.  I really dont want to serve her anything I make at home because we are not nut free and she cannot have anything that is even procesed on equipment that processes nuts.  So, i am thinking I can make her little cucumber sandwiches and cheese sandwiches on bread that is safe, but what bread is safe?  Should I be thinking of anything else?  We are making fairy bread that is bread, butter, and sprinkles.  Should I be concerned about the sprinkles.  I get them from WF but I am not sure if they are safe for nut allergies.  HELP!  I am really nervous abou this.

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Have you talked to her parents about it?  Maybe they can reassure you on what products are safe.  I had a sister with a severe peanut allergy and I know how nerve wracking it can be.

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Talk to the parents.  Different families have different comfort zones.  I would bring "like" food from home for my kids.  That just how we do it but we also have a long list of allergies.


Are you making the meal or are you going someplace for it?

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Please talk to the parents. My daughter has nut allergies and at times people have gone out of the way to make or buy something special for her only to run into another allergy or get something she hates. 

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I am always being asked what someone can make for my daughter and I always reply not to worry that I will bring something.   I have always brought cookies or an extra cake (even dinner) and my daughters allergies have been severe enough for long enough she is absolutely used to this and looks forward to the treats I bring.  So, yes, call the parents and ask what you can make and I will be willing to bet they will offer to bring something to add to the tea party for sharing.

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I will def call the parents.  Thanks for all the responses. 

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I wanted to add, THANK YOU!

Thank you for trying to do everything you  can to include this child. Most of us here know how our kids feel left out sometimes and you making these calls to try and make that a non-issue means a lot to us and our kids!

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