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Anyone else still really active?

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It's pretty common knowledge now that continuing to be active thoughout pregnancy is a good thing, but I think in general this mostly means walking and yoga and other low impact gentle exercise.  I'm normally a pretty active person (I was a multi sport varsity athlete in university) so for me playing somewhat competitive volleyball so far this pregnancy hasn't been too difficult.  I'm definitely trying to take it easy, I'm not wearing knee pads and I"m not going up for blocks, but it seems like everyone is shocked I'm still there at 6 months.


Is anyone else still playing any sports or doing anything that makes people think you are crazy?  My midwifes said I could play as long as I wasn't sore after/during which I hasn't really been.  I guess I'm just looking for someone else who is tired of being told they are crazy.

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WOW that is excellent!!  Good for you.  I agree as long as you aren't sore, what would be the issue...

I was fairly active before pregnancy but not at all now.  The most I do is walking and yoga.  But its more than any other pregnant lady i've met IRL so i'm happy with that.  I've gained 18lbs so far and I think that's pretty good for 26w.  This weekend the weather is going to be excellent so i'll be taking long hikes with the pooch.  Can't wait :)



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I am so not really active at all!  I can never power through that first trimester and by the time the second trimester comes around I just say forget it. :)  And I was never as active as you are anyway.  Good for you though!  I definitely say stick with what is working.  If you aren't feeling any pain, that is awesome.  I have a friend who is still doing aerobics classes at the Y and she is 28 weeks.

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I usually walk for 1.5 miles per day. Once the snow is melted off the mountains, I'll be hiking on weekends too. Assuming there isn't something else going on already...weekends are busy for me! As for weight gain...I lost 15 lbs in the first trimester, and have gained 21 pounds. So I guess that translates to 6 pound weight gain, above my prepregnancy weight. I'm 27 weeks now. I had crazy bad morning sickness, ended up on medicine for nausea for two or three months, and had to be rehydrated by IV in the ER. My prepregnancy weight was right smack in the middle of "healthy" BMI for my height, so I didn't have all that much spare padding to begin with. I'm grateful that I'm over throwing up now. :)

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I am on my elliptical for 30-45 minutes almost every day, and do a little bit of strength training, but nothing as rigorous as volleyball.  I am also part of a dance for my school's talent show so I am dancing some too.

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I was so incredibly sick for the first 18 weeks that I was unable to maintain the activity level I would have liked. I was able to ease back into it though, and now at 25 weeks I am doing yoga 3-4 times per week, doing a prenatal toning and cardio video once a week or so, and hitting the elliptical about 4 times per week. Exercise just helps me to feel so much better in pregnancy than I would otherwise, and I am obsessive about "training" for the big event, haha. I really want to be in good shape for the birth. :) My last pregnancy I worked out up to 38 weeks pregnancy when I was just too uncomfortable. I'm pretty proud that I have been able to stick to my routines pretty well. :)

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I stay really active..but I don't have a choice! hahah. Running this place means constant wood chopping, hauling of heavy bags of grain, hay, etc etc. Splittin' logs can definitely take it out of you...but I love working hard outdoors in the winter time. Icy air is so good for the lungs. It's just kind of sucky because I've been so sick...I'm glad we don't have neighbors, they would think my DH is a real prick for letting his hugely pregnant sick wife go outside and chop up wood....but it's the way of things here. The machine never stops and he is gone all day!


Yowza for volleyball during pregnancy! Good for you, I bet your body is going to bounce back and feel strong and energized really quickly after your birthing!

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I was fairly active, but the hypogclyemia has been taking it out of me.  I do brisk walks over our city's hills every day--usually to get to a coffee shop about 1.25 miles away.  ;)  And I was hiking quite a bit until DH's grad school got in the way.


I'm about to start up with more activity as the third trimester begins, though.  This is the time where my ribs and hips flat out refuse to stay still on the couch.  So I'll be swimming and walking a whole lot more very soon to keep the aches at bay.

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I've still being doing crossfit and a little bit of running. I've had to slow down a bit the last few weeks (I'm 28 wks now), but still doing heavy, high-volume weightlifting, rowing, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. Been the easiest and lowest weight-gain pregnancy of the three. I have made adjustments based on how I feel & I'm careful not to hold my breath, take lots of breaks, etc.

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I was going to the gym 3-4 days a week until about 3 weeks ago...that was like week 23/24.  I was running a 5K and biking about 15 miles with some stair climbing and eliptical thrown in, plus some much toned-down yoga.  Then I just hit a huge wall of exhaustion, so I've dialed WAY back.  I do some very gentle yoga, and am only going to the gym 1-2 days a week-- for that I'm still biking the 15 miles but I've slowed way down and not on the same days as other things-- and I walk, not run on the treadmill...2 miles at the most.  My friends thought I was crazy (and maybe being a little dangerous?) before, but I totally listened to my body and when it spoke, I slowed down.  I still get concerned looks when people hear I'm hauling around sap buckets and firewood for sugaring.  You sound like you're in GREAT shape and listening to your body, so I say keep rocking it.  It is frustrating to be looked at weirdly for something you rightfully should feel proud of-- but man, those same folks are going to be giving you looks of jealously when you recover quickly and with awesomeness after this birth!

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Thanks for the comments everyone - I feel a lot more confident in myself now :)


It's so hard to trust yourself and your body when so many people are making comments!

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Not me, i spend 4 hours deep cleaning then spotted and another time i roller bladed then spotted. im just going to take it easy from here on out

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Volleyball at 6 months--awesome and it does sound like you are really tuning into your body and not taking big risks--two very important things IMO. :)


I've stopped jogging (I'm almost 26 weeks and stopped at about 23 weeks) but still power walking 6-7 days a week for 30 minutes, then doing prenatal pilates & light weights with stretching for another 30 minutes. It makes such a difference for me---if I don't do it, I'm sure to have lower back aches and more fatigue at the end of the day. So it is sort of like taking my vitamins--essential.


I have to say, my strength routine changes this week and I'm so ready for it----feeling huge doing some of the moves. :)


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I've tried to stay active - never enough hours in the day... But I have kept up with yoga and zumba and some walks when I have time. Actually, the walking is the hardest exercise for me - my hips and thighs respond much more quickly to walking than yoga or zumba. An hour of zumba? no problem. A 2 mile walk? My legs got TIRED. But I feel so much better when I've had exercise. Now that nicer weather is arriving and the sun stays up later in the day, I hope to add a daily walk to my evening routine. :) People give me a hard time (sit down! put your feet up!) but my body has told me to keep moving. So move I will, even as I get big and the moving gets slow! 

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I still do chores and milk about 4-5 times a week.  It is getting harder though...  I like to do chores- but can't carry bales anymore and have embarrassingly enough had to start carrying 2/3 full buckets of feed instead of full (I am kind of ashamed- I used to carry 4 full at a time- this sucks!).  I finally told DH we might have to do some remodeling to our barn so I don't have to climb gates with milk buckets anymore- and a raised stanchion would rock my world.  I did get a little milk stool though- so that is nice.  Before with my Last two pregnancies I milked sitting indian style on the barn floor.... which I might have to go back to.  


So that is really my exercise I guess.  Our farm takes quite a bit of work and I have pretty much kept up with it so far.  

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iowaorganic, I am so impressed. baah to my pilates and walking, it sounds like you get a great workout!

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I agree with sraplayas ... iowaorganic, you are rockin' it!  I'm making DH carry my 5 gallon sap buckets for me... and I groan when I'm carrying groceries up just 3 steps!  Working-out is one thing, working hard is whole different level of awesomeness.

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Ahhhh that is so sweet of you!  I am feeling old today :)  

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Previous to getting pregnant, I was a half-marathoner. At 29.5 weeks, I still run 5-6 days a week, but only for about 40-50 minutes and my pace has slowed considerably ( a power walker could probably out walk me at this point!). I also "swim" a few times a week-though its more like floating around the pool for a few laps-it just feels so good! A couple weeks ago, I began to have some discomfort on my lower sides ( my baby is completely on my right side) and I bought one of those belly support bands. It has helped like no other! I hope to keep running for as long as possible. Sometimes I start to worry that I might be doing too much, but I feel great and my midwife says its fine. 

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After huffing and puffing from my car to my office this morning, I'm realizing I've slowed waaaaaay down in the past week. Lots of fatigue kicking in, and moving too fast gets my heart racing and my abdomen cramping. Anyone else finding it harder to stay active? I'm 30 weeks, I think I'm probably just going to accept "slow" as my new speed :) I wonder if long walks will still help keep me active - I don't want to become a couch potato! I'm not sure what other exercise to do - I can do the standing/sitting yoga poses, but anything that puts my head below my heart or puts me on my back (or belly) is out... I don't have any zumba classes to go to for three weeks, and probably won't keep up when it starts back up. Maybe I'll try to keep up with some light weights for my upper body and squats and stuff - pieces of zumba but without needing the class or whatever to do. 

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