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When panic attacks.

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So, around my 30th birthday (three years ago) I started getting massive panic attacks. I went on an SSRI for a year and then went off when things improved. I was fine until deep winter when I started getting anxious again and went back on. I went off about three months before trying to get pregnant and have been off ever since. I take mucho fish oil each day and a vitamin D supplement. Things have gone surprisingly well during this winter pregnancy!


Until last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with a panic attack. uhoh3.gif


No fun! I did some deep breathing, checked out facebook on my iPhone, and tried to distract myself with peaceful thoughts. Eventually I drifted to sleep. But of course I'm scared this is going to become more and more frequent.


I'm fairly certain I can attribute this to the major change in my life I'll be facing in two months. I told one of my girlfriends (who doesn't have kids) that I'm nervous that I'm going to turn into all of my friends with kids. She said, "Yeah, that's the point, you're having a baby!" She's looking at all the wonderful things about having a baby and I'm thinking about all of the terrifying things - like I'll never read a book again, I'll loose all track of politics and current events, I'll be defined as a "mom" rather than just "me." 


I went through the same kind of panicky feelings when I got married. So I know I'll get through it. But I just thought I'd vent/share.


And if anyone has natural methods for fending off panic attacks, I'd love to hear them!





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Are you eating regularly and are you having fairly balanced meals and snacks?  I have noticed that my anxiety gets much worse if my blood sugar is wacky.  Constant carb cravings are usually a good indicator I should eat more protein, etc.


I hope things get better for you.  I've been anxious lately (no panic attacks though), so I hope things start leveling off for you.  When I start worrying, I do my best to think about the positive things about having a baby. She's going to be cute, cuddly, trips to the library and park, etc.

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I was going to suggest regular snacks as well. I don't typically get panic attacks but I do notice that i get crabby and more irritable (and more likely to snap at DH over tiny things) when I haven't eaten in a while. 


I can't remember if you are doing hypnobabies/hypnobirthing or not but maybe going through those exercises, fear releasing, etc. might help. 

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Oh honey, ((hugs)) I have had terrible panic attacks before and find that mine are more related to hormonal fluctuations, and probably blood sugar issues (yes to regular snacks!).  Last year about this time I had terrible, consuming panic attacks and tried and SSRI-but that made it worse.


For me regular exercise, good diet, tons of fish oil, light lamp... 


But I wanted to add that be very sensitive to postpartum anxiety/depression and maybe talk with your care provider about it now. Just having a plan about how to handle postpartum can be reassuring and reduce anxiety.  Some people have PPD, but there are many women who have PP anxiety. 


I hope you can get some good rest--and don't worry about caring for your baby.  Sure you will get little sleep and it will be hard, but you will be able to do it! 


wanted to add: self hypnosis and hypnobabies is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety and getting into the negative feedback loop... PM me if you aren't doing hypnobabies and want more information. :)

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my panic and anxiety is totally hormonal - I was also on an SSRI for years for it (and depression) but was able to treat it naturally with the help of my naturopath. I've had touches of panic here and there throughout pregnancy (and plenty of anxiety). luckily no full-on attacks like you describe (so scary!) - just this strange, sudden-onset of fear and... I guess the best word to describe it is a feeling of impending doom. I still don't know exactly what triggers it, but sometimes it happens when I look in big mirrors and really notice how much my body's changed. I'm also starting to accept that it's at least in part because I'm scared of what's about to happen. otherwise, I really don't know that it's situational. 


in terms of what works for me, breathing exercises have been incredibly helpful, as well as regular physical exercise. staying hydrated seems to be helping some. but I honestly think trying to focus in and breathing deeply has been the most effective. I hope that it was a fluke and that you don't get another attack!

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