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I keep forgetting eyesroll.gif


However, I've gotten way better at taking my prenatals & other supplements.  Hopefully that will help my sadly neglected pelvic floor? whistling.gif

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Pennywhistle, I've totally heard that prenatals help pelvic floor strength!  (not really, but I'm trying to be helpful!)  Could you set an alarm or reminder on your phone or something?  I've totally forgotten a few days and then been horrified at having to do 200 the next day.  Ugh.  If you just scheduled twenty or a smaller number (or a minute in a yogi squat) or something you can do right before bed if you forget during the day it might work better with your schedule.

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are you guys doing prenatals? My bottle is about to run out (I am on new chapter organics prenatals) and was just debating if I need them in the last half of pregnancy or not..

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I'm taking prenatals. I figure it can't hurt, so I'm just sticking w it. I'm just taking what my MW prescribed, I think they're Major Prenatal. I take them as much for my energy as anything. When I forget, I feel like my energy level is just a bit lower.


Also, I have to confess that I have totally fallen of the squat wagon! I have zero motivation. I don't know why, I think I'm just super tired this week for some reason. disappointed.gif I'm trying to hit restart over here. Where's my nesting energy??sleepytime.gif

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Thanks for the support LilyTigerwinky.gif

I think a phone reminder is a good idea - I currently have a reminder every 2 hours to eat, which is keeping me on track, so a nightly reminder to squat (is that word starting to sound really weird to anyone else?) will probably work.

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Originally Posted by pennywhistle View Post

Thanks for the support LilyTigerwinky.gif

I think a phone reminder is a good idea - I currently have a reminder every 2 hours to eat, which is keeping me on track, so a nightly reminder to squat (is that word starting to sound really weird to anyone else?) will probably work.

Yes, that word is starting to sound weird.  I also feel like the weird squat lady, squatting all the time at the gym and posting about squatting.  It's starting to sound....  immodest.


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hahahh the weird squat lady . . ! Not at all. I am doing them everyday too.


I found what helps is to break them up- I try to do 35-30-35 so at breakfast while my coffee is brewing I do 35, then somewhere in the afternoon (usually when I have tea/coffee breawing) I will do 30 and then when I brush my teeth I do another 35 while brushing.. 


My weight is WAY up right now (at least compared to my pregnancy with DS) so Im trying not to be nervous and I know it will only get worse but Im a bit scared that nothing I own will ever fit me again after birth..

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Ok, I'm jumping back in!  Better late than never...... I've been sooooo bad/unproductive and there is no excuse for me, as I'm home alone all day (I manage to do some yoga, but I end up spending waaaaaay to much time online, lately it's been picking out registry items, aah!!)  Anyways, I'm going to do the 100 squats/day in batches of 20 through the morning/day/night.  


It's gotten colder here again too, which has taken away my short-lived spurt of motivation... But yesterday, my DH gasped at how large my butt has grown along w/my belly - GAHH!!!  I had no idea, I thought most of my 20+ lb gain was all in front - but yes, now I can see my arms and backside starting to thicken..... I don't really mind the weight gain during pregnancy (b/c that's supposed to happen) but I'm starting to panic about getting my figure back after Baby is born.... :O

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Yo yo yo!  How is everyone doing?


I'm officially 30 days in on the 100 day challenge (if I did the math correctly, which is always suspect).  I've been doing well on everything except getting enough veggies.  I'm not terrible in the grand scheme of things, but I am so jealous of the pregnant ladies who are happily eating chard and kohlrabi and other vegetables that I can't even spell (like that last one).  I just wish I had a more diverse palate.  I don't want the kid growing up liking white bread and chicken nuggets.  Sigh. 


So how's everyone else doing?  Any good strategies for remembering?  I've been better about just getting the squats in during workouts or after my walks so I haven't had to do a 200 squat day in a little while.  How are people's energy levels?  Any physical or mental changes in the past week or so?

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I was doing great with my squats but the last 2-3 days totally dropped the ball. The last 2 days my legs were so swollen from all the train/air travel it hurt to do much and then today we walked all over Pittsburgh for a good 2 hours .. so Im hoping tonight to catch up on the routine again..

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We have been working on all of the challenges non stop pretty much for months, chores after work, chores all weekend.  Then more chores and working on the pages and pages of lists.  We also have weekend commitments that take us away from the house for hours on end sometimes and that is hard too because we just want to get the entire house in order.  The house is old, not well laid out and it is smallish so figuring out where to move things to clear a room is difficult.  We are doing many of the big projects ourselves due to budget constraints but it would be nice to just hire a bunch of people and wipe it all out.  I was swimming but driving the long distance to get there and paying the membership fee which rose again this month I didn't feel was worth it anymore.  So overall, still plugging away!

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Sol, I'm in a similar boat with house stuff.  Really frustrated that some projects are moving really slowly, but I also can't really help out since a lot of stuff requires painting, staining, and/or other chemicals that I'm not comfortable being around.  While I can help with moving stuff, I can't do the super heavy lifting I used to, so I'm limited in how much I can help in general.  Our living room has been non-usable for the past three weeks, since we saved money by going with a really talented college student as a painter, but that means we have to work around his schedule.  And the flooring and so on is something I have no control over.  DH is getting frustrated too.  I just want to have the nursery done so I can start decorating and doing the fun stuff. 


The squats are going well (I'm on day 45 or something like that) and I've been a little better at eating veggies and so on.  I'm trying to put together a little workout of moves from my Bradley class that I'll do each night before bed.  Otherwise, they won't get done.

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LilyTiger - Exactly!  I am ready to move on to the fun stuff too.  So much of the things on the list require heavy lifting or hard manual labor so that is out for me to do on my own.  All of this was due for awhile but I guess we really needed a push and the baby definitely helped motivate.  This morning poor DH asked if we could file for an extension on the to do list.  LOL  

Glad you are getting better at eating veggies.  How did you get around that, would love to hear your good tips.  I remember you said it was becoming a bit much at this time to buy, wash, and prep them and keep them around with the billion other things going on. 

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I know you didn't ask me winky.gif...but I've been able to eat way more veggies than normal by buying them frozen.  I've found organic frozen veggies so I buy bags of chopped up bell peppers, chopped up greens/kale, etc...then when it's dinner time, it's SO easy to just throw a few handfuls of everything in a skillet.  They taste great, and still have all the nutrients in them, but you don't have to do any of the chopping, washing, etc.  I LOVE it, and have been able to eat so much more than before.

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I have a few goals:


- 100 squats a day!  (trying to do 40 in the AM then again in the PM) ... thanks lilytiger!

- exercise of some sort at least 3-4 times a week- even if its just a walk with the dog

- clean/donate and organize our storage/apt (clothing, toys, stock up food, etc)

- take a 'babymoon' vacation (solo!) to visit my good friends in either London or Amsterdam for a weekend (the flight is 20$ and less then 40 mins! from here)



ok so those were my original goals--


Im still doing squats in some form or another and my exercise is def. back now that we are back home and my work has slowed down.. today I went on an hour hike and an hour swim (well some of it was floating but still) love.gif .. the vacation wont be happening as planned which Im a bit bummed about or if it does happen it will be really last minute in the next 2 months..


We also are doing some remodeling on our apartment and painting it.. but otherwise I guess I am mostly on track with my to-do list.. 



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Sol, Penny stole my answer!  I've been doing a combination of frozen veggies dishes (our local grocery store Wegmans has healthy and delicious frozen side dishes like green beans and shallots, and artichoke hearts and peppers, including spices that are healthy and just really easy) and smoothies.  My husband works for Wegmans and they have a "half plate healthy" guideline where you basically look at your plate and try to get at least half of it to be fruits and vegetables.  So I've been working off that.  I've also been buying more organic fruit and eating a ton of it (strawberries, yay!), so I'm ok with eating a little more fruit than perhaps is technically necessary.  When we go out to eat, I've been trying to get a large salad too. So it's just little things.  We were hoping to do a CSA produce share this year, but the money wasn't in the cards.  Sad.  But I still have my little veggie plot out back that I'll be planting soon.  Hopefully some fun stuff including some greens and tomatoes.

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How's everyone doing?  I was terrible this weekend (missed two full days of squats while my sister was in town) so I had to do 200 today and 200 yesterday.  Punishment fits the crime, I guess.  I'm definitely feeling a lot stronger, and I've noticed that the occasional pee-sneezing I had in the first tri is gone.  I can sneeze now with impunity.  I'm hoping that means this baby will just slide right out.  Right?  Right?

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Im still doing my squats and averaging 4 days a week of exercise in some form for at least 45 mins.. usually swimming laps, sometimes walking a few miles or a hike, and biking but lately bikings been out due to the swelling down there.. .. otherwise.. doing ok- not as much as I'd like but better then nothing given how insanely exhausted I am right now. Just hoping I can stay under 30-35 lb gain this pregnancy .. ha ha.

I also got the major clean out done on our apartment!!! Or rather DH did it, I sort of bossed him where goes where and what goes to the recycle center.. so at least that is done.. now I just need to figure out a stroller for the twins- the one which was originally offered to us was retracted so now we're without.. one more thing we need to buy and dont have the money for. ugh.

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