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Toddler & Probiotics

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We just started our 2yo old probiotics earlier this week & he has had a significant change in his bowel habits that I am unsure about. He has always been a kiddo who poops after each meal/snack, sometimes more than once if his diet has extra of fresh or dried fruit in it. We're vegetarian but he doesn't eat dairy products & we have a relatively healthy diet, limited processed foods & processed sugars, non-gmo, organic/local food sources, etc. Since we started on the probiotics he's only pooping once a day and it is pretty soft and very stinky. He's not in any pain when pooping or throughout the day so that's not an issue, I'm more concerned with whether this is an ok response or if I should stop giving them to him. I've used probiotics myself before & never had a reaction like this, is this "normal" in a toddler or has anyone else experienced anything similar? The probiotics I have are vegan so there's no dairy in them. 


Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area or if there's a better forum Admins, please bump us over! :)


Thanks Mamas! 


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Hmmm, other than the stinky poops, I'd say his gut is working more efficiently with a better bacteria content. It's the stinky poops that have me wondering.

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