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November 25th...first baby...I'm just telling myself it's going to happen in December smile.gif
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Had my first appt today. I'm due November 8th:)


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Hi, I'm due November 4th.

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I'm due November 26th joy.gif
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Sorry I haven't updated the thread lately. I will get to it this weekend. I was trying to avoid having to re-post every day. :) So I'll do one big batch update on Saturday each week. Does that sound agreeable?


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Due Nov 21st-ish, although I haven't historically cooked them that long. Normally pop them out about 3 weeks early. my daughter'll madder than a wet hen if the baby is born on her birthday.

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I just got a bfp yesterday. I had convinced myself I was pregnant again and trying to avoid taking a test again because I keep getting dissapointed. But my son had a suspected case of chicken pox which so freaked me out I took a test before we went to urgent care! And it was positive! It wasn't chicken pox but I had them run a test anyway!  Due date probably the very end of Novemeber.



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my EDD according to ovulation is Halloween, but the other 4 have come a week late, so I'm guessing November 7.

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According to LMP, I'm 11/26. I tend to go very close to my due date or past...last baby was a 42 weeker, so either the end of November or early December.


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I think I'm November 13. I used to have long cycles but this BFP was after my very first period since having my daughter in Oct. 2010. I'm just using the standard EDD calculation since I don't really know :)

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My official due date is November 3rd!
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My official due date is November 7 (on the list already as November 2). 

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I'm due November 6th.  Still can't quite believe it!

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Well, I'm due around the last week November. Let's say the 28th for fun!

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Hello! 11/14, according to my LMP. we haven't told anyone yet. We have our first appointment next Tuesday, and we will tell our families this weekend for Easter.
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November 24. :)

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11/26!  went 8 days over last time, so who knows though.  :)

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Nov 7th although I am guessing with twins I might not even make November!

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