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2nd trimester VIVID dreams

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I started the last dream thread - 1st trimester nightmares - so here is the follow up ;)


Last night I dreamt I gave birth to a baby boy.  I was in a library study and looking back there was no one I recognized, but everyone felt familiar.  It was an easy vaginal birth and I didn't tear at all (one of my fears).  He was big, but not  huge and he had a SHOCK of red hair and bright blue eyes that looked like they would stay blue.  (my DS was born with brown hair and nearly black eyes) I couldn't think of a name for him and he seemed like such a surprise.  Then the baby told me that he had been named Gregory last time, and that he liked being 7.  I asked if he was 7 the last time he was here and he said that no, he had been 80.  I told him I loved him and was happy to have him here with me.  I told him I would think of a name that would suit him well this time around.  I remember thinking that I had already used a name meaning "red" with my brunette son... I thought of naming him scarlett or rhett... but in the end he remained unnamed when I woke up.


Vivid dream!

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I have had zero baby dreams, but vivid dreams, yeah.


Last night it was of this woman, just kind of following her through her normal life like a movie. She had this dog, Oso, that was always with her wherever she went. At the end she had an accident of some kind and died, but didn't know it yet.. Most of the dream was like watching a movie, but this last scene I saw through her eyes: She was calling out to a group of people asking what was going on, and they weren't answering. But there was the dog, looking right at her, wagging his tail--he was the only one that saw her, and then she knew. That moment was so sad.


Seriously, writing this just made me cry a little. Haha. :( I must miss my dog- she's being boarded for two weeks while we're traveling, poor thing.

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I haven't had any baby dreams yet... but I know with dd3 and dd4 especially (or maybe they're just more fresh in my memory!) I had some amazingly vivid, so-real-I-had-to-check-in-the-morning-to-see-if-I-was-still-pregnant birthing dreams!!  I did have a few boys in my dreams.. and once had a little boy I birthed in my basement and it was the most beautiful, peaceful thing ever.  I haven't had a boy, nor have I birthed in my basment.. but holy cow.  They've been so seriously real that I literally DID feel my belly to see if there was still a belly there when I awoke!


(lately I *wish* I could dream.... but that would require *sleeping*... which is something dd4 isn't really allowing lately..ugh)


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Okay, I have to revive this because I had my first baby dream, and it was.. not sweet, lol. Or at first maybe it was, but it took a turn for the very weird. First I felt a strong kick (in the dream), which was nice. Then there was a ton of powerful movement, which got strange. Then, suddenly, in the way of dreams, the baby was born, at five months. She was a girl. She was trying to clear her lungs, and I was encouraging her and trying to call 911 (the first answer was a computer/technology repair service, like Computer 911.. I'm yelling that it's a medical emergency, and she wants to know what's wrong with my computer). So even while I'm trying to get this together, I'm seeing that the baby is okay. That her eyes are open and she has blown liquid out of her nose. And that she has really long fingers and toes. And her face looks kind of funny.


..she was totally an alien. *facepalm* The rest of the dream was about my anger over having been used in this way, not much more interaction with the baby.


First baby dream, and this is where I take it. Riiiight, subconscious. Thanks. ;)

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I have had REALLY vivid dreams the last couple nights. Last night's was of the nightmare-running-from-scary-villains variety, and I had to force myself awake to think of something puppies-and-rainbows before I fell back asleep because I knew the dream would continue.


I did have a dream this week that I was 4cm dilated at my GBS swab appointment, which is unheard of for me--I have never been that dilated and not in full-blown labor, and never before 41w! So maybe it's baby's way of saying to prepare for an earlier arrival??


One interesting thing about this baby is that no fewer than three of my female friends/family members dreamed I was pregnant before I told them.

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I have had so many wild dreams/nightmares! Two of them that I remember were baby dreams. The first one I dreamed I had a little girl and I kept forgetting about her. I'd set her down somewhere like she was a doll and walk off and totally forget I had left her there. Upon remembering about her, I'd rush back in a panic to find her just fine and where I'd left her. Sometimes it was on something tall where she could have rolled off and hurt herself badly. At the end of the dream, I realized that I had never fed her in the few weeks since she was born! I woke up completely traumatized that I could be such a terrible mother!

The second one I dreamed that I could take him out and look at him. I pulled him out to see him and then pushed him back in because he wasn't ready yet. I remember thinking, "Well that was EASY! Birth is going to be a breeze!" After I put him back, though, something was wrong and I thought maybe I didn't put him in right. He was squirming around as if he were panicking and my stomach became see-through and I could see him in there and something wasn't right. That's when I woke up.


Maybe my brain trying to deal with all of this first-time mother anxiety... Who knows?


DH has even been having some crazy dreams lately. He dreamed a few weeks back that I came to him and told him that they took the baby. He was confused because the baby hadn't even been born yet. "Who took the baby?" he asked, and I threw my head back and laughed in his face. Poor guy! Then he woke up and I wasn't in bed. I've had insomnia on and off this whole pregnancy. :P 

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