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Weaning against my will

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At 2 weeks old, my LO became gassy, restless and fussy, and constantly grunting and straining.. Then I noticed the rectal prolapse while changing her diaper, which scared me to death. I immediately took her in to the pedi. She recommended me to a gastro, who diagnosed her with allergic colitis due to a milk protein allergy. There was also blood in her stool. The damage was pretty bad, but he said given time, it would heal, as long as I either quit breast feeding or go on a total elimination diet. I chose the latter, knowing breast milk is best. I was also advised to supplement with hypoallergenic formula since dairy takes awhile to leave the system. After three weeks and three different formulas, things were progressively getting worse. The colic started at 9am, and would last until about 6pm. She would only sleep thirty minutes at a time, and would fight me at the breast and bottle. Her dirty diapers were green, frothy and explosive. She would scream while passing gas and the spitting up became projectile vomiting. I called the doctors, lactation consultants, and read every thing I could get my hands on concerning her condition. The diagnosis was made, much to my regret: secondary lactose intolerance. The damage  to her intestines is so bad that her cells weren't making enough lactase to break down the lactose in my breast milk. The gastro said if I don't stop breast feeding, then the damage may become permanent. I still refused to give in, and bought some lactase enzyme to break down the breast milk for better digestion. It didn't work, and I had to do a lot of soul searching. Much against my will, I had to quit nursing cold turkey and feed her neocate. To say the least, the past two days have been hell! Has anyone else had to wean for medical reasons? If so, how long before baby adjusted? (and not to sound rude, but please spare me lectures on how breast milk is best no matter what. I've just been through 8 weeks of telling myself the same thing!)

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Oh my goodness.  What an awful story.  I'm sorry, I have no experience with this but just wanted to send you a hug.  Hope your LO feels better soon.

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Thanks for the hugs! We made it through the weekend, but I'm engorged and she's got a little bit of reflux. Other than that, things are looking up!
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Thanks for the hugs! We made it through the weekend, but I'm engorged and she's got a little bit of reflux. Other than that, things are looking up!cold.gif
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I'm so sorry--I don't have experience or advice either but I also wanted to send along some support and see if things are getting any better. It's obvious you did everything you could for your DD and made the best choice for her. Hopefully you will both start feeling better soon. Have you checked the forums for advice on general weaning for the engorgement? I haven't weaned yet so I can't offer advice in that area either, but I'm sure other mamas have btdt. Good job mama and as soon as you possibly can, make some time to care for yourself--you have been working so hard for your baby and you deserve some rest!

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Thank you so much for the support! It's so good to get encouragement! She's tolerating the Neocate really well, and the engorgement is gone. Cabbage really, really works! So does Benedryl and cold packs. After four days I was fine. Still have a little milk, but not miserable like I was. Scout's reflux was awful Monday and Tuesday. Every time she spit up she would arch her back and try to scream. She became so hoarse that she couldn't make a sound. I called the gastro and they told me to wait it out! I was so mad! I have done enough 'waiting it out' with this baby so I called her regular pedi and begged for something. They prescribed Zantac. It makes her a little sleepy, which isn't a bad thing. She hasn't slept much in her short little life thus yet, so I will take whatever helps her rest. She is still spitting up quite a bit, but I can tell it doesn't hurt her as bad. Neocate tastes awful, so I'm sure that it's not pleasant when it comes back up. I'm still depressed that I had to quit breastfeeding, especially when she starts rooting, but I know the feeling will pass. She definitely feels better, and that itself it very rewarding. 

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Awww, that does suck that you had to quit breastfeeding but I'm glad that she is doing better. After all, ultimately having a healthy, happy baby is the entire point, right?

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I'm so sorry you have gone thru this, it sounds like you did what you had to do to take care of your babe, dont feel bad about any of it please.

i wonder if there is any way to figure out how to comfort nurse her without giving her breast milk? that way her urge to nuzzle and nurse would be met.  i know ladies that nurse even though they make no milk and do it for comfort after they bottle feed.   or maybe just the cradle hold and a finger or paci after she has a full tummy  will let you to have that closeness.

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